Memorial Tree & Bench Program

Have a loved one that you would like to honor? Celebrate their legacy with a memorial tree or bench, in Old City Park or Friendswood Pet Safe Dog Park. (Limited space in Stevenson Park.) 
To apply, fill out the application and someone from the Parks & Recreation Department will be in contact with you soon. 

For more information on this program, please call the Parks & Recreation Department at 281-996-3220.  
  1. Memorial Tree
  2. Memorial Bench


1. The sponsor/donor must meet with Kimberly Ramirez or James Toney to receive approval of the tree(s) location. Location requests are considered, but not all can be accommodated due to existing park events/programming and layout.

2. All varieties of trees planted can be considered, but Chinese Fringe must be planted in the front of the park, and all Oak Trees must be planted towards the back of Stevenson Park.

3. Trees must be at least 15 gallons.

4. The sponsor/donor will need to arrange with an approved landscaping company to plant the tree(s) in the park. A list of approved landscaping companies can be provided upon request, or the parks staff can plant the tree.

5. The Parks Department will add irrigation to the tree(s) to ensure its survival.

6. The sponsor/donor must order the tree plaques at Engraphics (281-992-9273), to ensure it matches with other existing plaques within Stevenson Park. Once the plaque is ready, please deliver to City Hall and the Parks Department will install the plaque after the tree has been planted.