Make a Payment

Utility Payments 

Online Payment

To make Friendswood utility bill payments online or manage your utility account, visit our Utility Billing payment portal

Credit card - A 2.5% convenience fee will added to the total (MasterCard/Visa/Discover only)

Phone Payment

Pay with a credit card over the phone by calling Utility Billing Office at 281-996-3232.

Credit card - A 2.5% convenience fee will added to the total (MasterCard/Visa/Discover only)

New Customers

New customers applying for service must provide a rental agreement or home purchase closing paperwork when applying for service. 

Deposit Waiver/Refund
Established customers with rent homes can show tax records for rental property. For deposit waiver or refund on new utility accounts, 2 year payment history or letter of credit within last 90 days from current water utility provider must be submitted within 5 days of service initiation.

For more information on getting utility service started or a waiver/refund of your deposit, visit our Establish Service page.

For current fees and rates, visit our Water Rates page.

For questions or concerns regarding your Utility Bill please call 281-996-3232.

Court Payments

By Mail

Sign the back of the citation and enter a plea. Make money orders payable to the City of Friendswood.

At Court Office

Pay at the court office during office hours with:

  • Cash
  • Money order
  • Credit card - A 2.5% convenience fee will added to the total (MasterCard/Visa/Discover only)

Online & Phone Payments

  • When making payment online or over the phone with a credit card, I acknowledge I am voluntarily entering a plea of No Contest and waiving my right to a trial by judge or by jury and my right to discovery of evidence.
  • If you wish to plea Not Guilty, do not make payment of your fine. Contact the Court Office at 281-996-3252 for information on pleading Not Guilty.

By Phone
Pay with credit card over the telephone by calling the court office at 281-996-3252.

Pay Online

  • Your internet payment will be received by the Friendswood Municipal Court the following business day. Your payment must be received by your due date to avoid additional fees or issuance of a warrant.
  • If you have an active warrant, your warrant will remain outstanding until the court receives your internet payment on the following business day.
  • To pay online, visit our Municipal Court payment portal.