Adult Fitness

AQUA ZUMBA & AQUA FIT: All aquatic classes are over for the 2023 season. Join us in the spring for more! 

Special Strong: Movement & Mobility: The class is a combination of stretching, core work and movement quality improvement. In this workout we will utilize strength, flexibility, and mobility; all without the use of any weights.

  • This class is specifically designed for individuals with special needs. 
  • Classes will be taught by Special Strong coaches. 
  • Participant must fill out the waiver provided by Special Strong before participating in the class. Waivers will be available at the Hangar. 
  • Participants may attend the classes using a Fitness Punch Card or their individual Special Strong membership.
  • Special Strong website: 

SPRING BREAK: We're excited to say that fitness classes will be offered during the week of Spring Break this year—March 11-15! Yoga and Barre will NOT be offered on Thursday or Friday of this week. 

*Please check with contract fitness programs to verify fitness classes during Spring Break! (Camp Gladiator, Jazzercise, and Special Strong) 

March 11: Regular fitness schedule. 
March 12: Regular fitness schedule. 
March 13: Regular fitness schedule. 
March 14: No Yoga, all other fitness classes offered. 
March 15: No Barre, all other fitness classes offered. 

Fitness Schedule 

Schedule starts Jan 2, 2024. 

Fitness Schedule JAN 2024

Have you filled out your Fitness Waiver? Print and bring it with you to your next class!