Acorn Aquatic Academy Swim Lessons

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Sessions: Tuesday – Friday

Session 1: June 8 – June 18

Session 2: June 22 – July 2

Session 3: July 6 – July 16

Session 4: July 20 – July 30

Session 5: Aug 10 – Aug 13

Registration starts on April 20th at 10:00am. Click here to register: 

    Session 1- 4 Session 5
Level 0 - 4 Resident: $65
Non-Resident: $85
Resident: $32.50
Non-Resident: $42.50
Level 5
(Team Training)
Resident: $90
Non-Resident: $110
Resident: $45
Non-Resident: $55

Level 1:

Swimmers will work on adjusting to classes without assistance of a parent and becoming comfortable with the water by learning skills such as floating and breathe control. Techniques such as kicking and basic arm movements of freestyle and backstroke will be taught.

Level 2:

Swimmers will work on becoming fully submerged, swimming freestyle and backstroke with assistance, and entering the water head first from a seated position.

Level 3:

Swimmers will work on swimming freestyle and backstroke with little to no assistance and will begin learning elementary backstroke. Swimmers will also be introduced to breaststroke and butterfly kick as well as learn shallow diving from a kneeling position.

Level 4:

Swimmer should be able to perform freestyle and backstroke with no assistance for half a pool length. Swimmers will learn the arm movements for butterfly and breaststroke and learn to use them in conjunction with kicks. Depending on advancement of the class, swimmers may also be introduced to standing shallow dives and flip-turns.

 Level 5 – Extended Team Training

This advanced level is designed for swim team swimmers who wish to continue to practice after the season is or over or those wishing to work on perfecting strokes. This class is not advised to swimmers  under the age of 5 due to endurance abilities. Swimmers should be proficient in ALL strokes. This level will focus on endurance, stroke perfection, flip turns, and race dives.