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Friendswood City Pool is happy to be bringing back our Acorn Aquatic Academy swim lesson program for the 2024 Summer season!!

Friendswood City Pool is utilizing a streamlined registration process for Swim Lessons. No longer will you need to select the specific skill level for children ages 2 to 12 years old. Now you will simply select the session dates and time you would like to attend, and our talented team will do the rest!

*Swimmers should arrive 10 minutes early for the first day of each session to be sorted into levels based on benchmarks*

**Waitlisted swimmers will be contacted as more instructors and/or spots become available.**

Registration for Summer 2024 swim lessons opens April 1st at 10:00am.

To register for swim lessons, click here: Swim Lesson Registration

Swim Lesson registration opens April !

All AAA Sessions Run 

Tuesdays – Fridays

Session 1: June 4 - June 14 (AM classes)

Session 2: June 18 - June 28 (AM classes)

Session 3: July 2 - July 12 (AM classes)

Session 4: July 16 - July 26 (AM & PM classes)

From July 30 - August 9 the Friendswood City Pool will only be holding private lessons. All private lesson inquiries will require a request form to be submitted ahead of time.

    Session 1 - 4 Session 5: 8/1-8/10
Level 0: "First Splash" Resident: $50
Non-Resident: $70
Level 1 - 5 Resident: $65
Non-Resident: $85
Adult Aquatic Academy Resident: $50
Non-Resident: $70
Private Lessons   Resident: $30 /half hour
Non-Resident: $45 /half hour

*NEW* Private Swim Lessons      |   Jul. 30 - Aug. 9

This Summer, the Friendswood City Pool is offering the opportunity for private, 1-on-1 swim lessons in lieu of a fifth session. Anyone interested in private lessons must submit a request ahead of time; either online OR in person at the City Pool or Parks & Rec office. Submitting a request DOES NOT guarantee a spot for private lessons. All swimmers taking private lessons with the City will be scheduled based on instructor availability, skill level, and time restrictions.

- Registration for privates opens June 3rd - 

Submit your request here

“What is Acorn Aquatic Academy (AAA)?”

- AAA is a swim lesson curriculum designed by the Parks and Recreation Department that focuses on building safe swim skills and practices. While early swimmers may be enjoying fun-oriented time gaining confidence and comfort with the water, upper level swimmers will be learning advanced strokes to allow them to enjoy swimming for recreation/fitness or even prepare them for Friendswood Swim Team!

- Swimming isn’t the easiest skill to learn. Many of us learn in different ways and at different paces, so don’t be discouraged if a swimmer makes progress and advances levels slower than expected; many of our higher level swimmers have taken lessons with us for several sessions over multiple summers!

“Who are the instructors?”

- All COF Swim Instructors are certified lifeguards and are trained on swim instruction in-house by certified Water Safety Instructors through the American Red Cross. Many of which bring their own swimming and sports backgrounds! Each of our instructors come with different, unique strengths and experience, so don’t hesitate to ask questions or speak to the instructors and Pool Managers about the program and your child’s progress.

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Class Level Breakdown

Level 0 - "First Splash"    

Friendswood is now introducing a new “mommy and me” class, where non - swimmers will be accompanied by a parent/guardian in the water throughout the class. The purpose of this level is to promote confidence and comfortability in and around water with our younglings starting as early as 6 months in age! All while introducing parents to common water safety practices.

*First Splash classes will only be taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each session (4 classes per session). Space is very limited so register early!

Level 1:

Swimmers will work on adjusting to classes without the assistance of a parent and becoming comfortable with the water by learning skills such as floating and breath control. Techniques such as kicking and basic arm movements of freestyle and backstroke will be taught. All in a fun, play-oriented class setting!

Level 2:

Swimmers will work on rhythmic breathing, becoming fully submerged, and swimming freestyle and backstroke with little – no assistance. The swimmers will also start to learn the basics of the breastroke kick, elementary backstroke, back crawl, and streamline with glides.

Level 3:

Swimmers should be able to perform freestyle, backstroke, and backcrawl with no assistance. Swimmers will be introduced to the proper arm movements for breastroke, the kick for butterfly, and will perfect streamline and breathing techniques.

Level 4:

Swimmers should be able to perform freestyle, backcrawl, elementary backstroke, breastroke kick, and butterfly kick unassisted for at least 15 yards. Students will learn the arm movements for butterfly and work to perfect the breaststroke. Swimmers will also be introduced to flip-turns and seated/kneeling dives. 

 Level 5:

Swimmers should be proficient in all strokes; freestyle, elementary backstroke, breastroke, backcrawl, and butterfly. Level 5 will focus on endurance, stroke technique perfection, flip turns, and shallow racing dives.

*NEW* Adult Aquatic Academy - ages 13+

New this summer, the Friendswood City Pool is offering Learn-To-Swim group classes to teens and adults ages 13 and up. This class is intended for students that have very little or no swimming experience. Students will be introduced to floating, breath control, submerging, and treading water. All swim strokes will be introduced to students (freestyle, backcrawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and the sidestroke) while working to become proficient in arm and kick movements, as well as body positioning.

*Adult lessons will only be taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays during each session.