Vision & Mission Statement, Guiding Principles, Council Philosophy, and Strategic Goals

Vision & Mission Statement Graph

City of Friendswood Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Council and staff of the City of Friendswood to provide the highest level of service to our citizens at the greatest value.

Guiding Principles

  • We Believe That Visionary Planning is Essential
  • We Believe That Proactive, Responsive, Effective Leadership is Essential
  • We Believe That Ongoing Interactive Communication is Essential

Council Philosophy

  • To act in the best interest of the citizens
  • To consistently demonstrate respect to the staff
  • To invest our resources effectively for our future
  • To handle our disagreements/conflicts in a respectful manner that keeps our image positive with the public and each other

Strategic Goals


  • Build and expand external partnerships
  • Better educate and inform our citizens to increase ownership and involvement in city government
  • Utilize conflict/issue resolution processes

Economic Development

  • Build and expand external partnerships
  • Expand existing vision
  • Systemize regional detention
  • Educate and inform citizens to increase ownership in Economic Development
  • Research economic viability before and after 2020


  • Build and expand external partnerships
  • Shape future growth to preserve Friendswood’s distinctiveness and quality of life
  • Preserve and maintain infrastructure


  • Build and expand external partnerships
  • Remove any distinction of citizenship based upon county location

Public Safety

  • Build and expand external partnerships
  • Ensure a safe environment

Organizational Development

  • Leadership
    • Communicate clear messages to citizens and employees about our values and why we are doing what we are doing
    • Build team identity with boards, employees, council, and volunteers
  • Values
    • Communicate TRAQ as the core values to volunteers, citizens, council and all employees
    • Continue to focus on issues—not people
  • Personnel
    • Develop a plan for staffing levels that result in quality city services and the accomplishment of our mission statement
    • Provide training and development for City employees to meet current and future staff leadership needs
  • Process and Planning
    • Continue strategic planning process to meet future needs
    • Continue to develop plans to increase community involvement throughout the City