Fair Housing

Fair Housing information for FriendswoodCommunity Education

Instructional classes are offered through the community education system. For more information, please contact Leanna Bridget at 281-482-6000 or you can view their schedule at FISD Community Education.

Housing Discrimination

Request City Representative

Will your Homeowner Association (HOA) be meeting in the near future? Would you like a City representative to attend your HOA meeting?

If so, please call the City of Friendswood at 281-996-3255 for more information.

Facilitate Communication

Attention Homeowner Association officers and members; Homeowners and Neighborhood Associations play a vital part in our community and its future.

In an effort to help facilitate communication between Friendswood neighborhoods and City elected officials and staff, please encourage your Association to provide the City with updated contact information.

Association Presidents or Board Members can update their information by contacting the City at 281-996-3270.