Solicitor Permits

Door-to-Door Salespeople Must Register

Anyone who solicits a product or service door to door in the City of Friendswood must first register with the Police Department and receive a solicitor permit. Non-profit, as well as for-profit entities must register.

The solicitor permits are  ID badges with the salesperson’s picture on them (see the example below). The badge identifies the seller as registered with the City of Friendswood and must be worn on the front of the clothing so that residents can easily see the badge. Solicitor applicants must provide product and company information and undergo a local background check in accordance with state regulations.

Issuance of a permit does not indicate an endorsement of the product.

Font badgeBack Badge

Compliance Concerns

Residents concerned about the compliance of a door-to-door solicitor should contact the Police Department at the non-emergency number 281-996-3300. The call should be made in a timely manner and the caller should report details such as person’s description, direction of travel, what was being sold, and a description of a vehicle, if appropriate.

Flyer Distribution

Anyone who is just going door-to-door distributing flyers in a neat, orderly manner is not required to register with the City. However, distribution of flyers at a public event is subject to control by city officials due to concerns for litter abatement and disturbing the peace.

Other Sales

Sales made from mobile vehicles, such as ice cream or construction caterers are not subject to registration other than to be in compliance with State and County health rules. Sales venues set up on the side of a State roadway in the easement must have the permission of the Texas Department of Transportation. Likewise, sales venues temporarily set up on private property should have the permission of the property owner.

Permit Application

The Solicitor Permit Application (PDF) is the solicitor’s application packet. It is designed to be filled in electronically then printed, or printed and hand-written. It must be brought to the Police Department Records Division along with the required attachments listed on page one of the packet.

Questions & Concerns

If you have any questions about the solicitor packet please contact the Police Department Records Division at 281-996-3317 or submit your questions by email.