The Friendswood Police Department is organized and trained to provide responsive service in a community-police partnership. The Department focuses all available resources to:

  • Promote community safety
  • Suppress crime
  • Ensure the safe, orderly movement of traffic
  • Protect the constitutional rights of all persons
  1. Essential Task List
  2. Performance Standards

This Mission Essential Task List has been derived from an analysis of the Department’s Mission Statement. It identifies tasks that are either stated or implied in our mission. All tasks are essential to accomplishing our mission. 

The tasks are not prioritized; taken together, all tasks must be addressed to accomplish our mission.

  1. To enforce federal laws, state laws and local ordinances within the City of Friendswood.
  2. To cooperate and coordinate with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.
  3. To assist other municipal departments and provide comprehensive coordinated public safety services that are focused by community needs.
  4. To provide for the safe and effective flow of people and vehicles throughout the city.
  5. To resolve conflict when possible between individuals and groups, securing their cooperation with local government.
  6. To identify potential public safety issues for individual citizens, police or local government.
  7. To build and maintain public, educational and economic partnerships and improve community safety.
  8. To create and maintain a feeling of safety within the city, through demonstrated professional performance, positive citizen contacts, and assistance with crime prevention issues.
  9. To provide safe temporary detention facilities for all offenders.
  10. To manage critical incident operations during times of unusual demands or disaster.
  11. To provide referral services that contribute to the relief from the trauma suffered by victims of crimes, misfortunes, and personal loss.
  12. To provide uninterrupted public safety communications access for the general public.
  13. To provide confidential information input and data storage on incidents relating to public safety.
  14. To provide efficient and effective training that builds confidence, skill and professional abilities.