Finance is responsible for several areas.

•    Accounting function of the department is responsible for the City’s day to day operations of all financial activities including accounts payable, payroll, revenue collection, debt management, financial reporting and grant reporting.  The division ensures adherence to accounting standards, Charter requirements and State law.  Accounting staff, working with external auditors, performs the annual audit and prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.  

•    Fiscal Operations function of the department is responsible for developing and managing the City’s adopted budget, coordinating utility billing, collection and customer information functions, and processing payments for the alarm permit/fines program.  With oversight from the City’s Investment Committee and in accordance with the City’s Investment Policy, staff assists the Director of Administrative Services with reporting the investment of the City’s financial resources.  

•    Purchasing function of the department is responsible for generating purchase orders daily and ensuring compliance with local, state and federal regulations in the City’s procurement of goods and services.  Working in conjunction with City departments, the Purchasing Coordinator, develops bid/proposal specifications, maintains service contracts/agreements, oversees the P-card program and properly disposes of assets which have surpassed useful life cycles.

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