Current Programs

Fire Hydrant Spacing

The City requires fire hydrants to be spaced five hundred feet in residential and three hundred feet in commercial areas.

There are several locations throughout the City that do no meet this requirement. Through this program new fire hydrants will be installed in areas identified as deficient.

Sewer Rehabilitation

The chief goal of the Sewer Rehabilitation Program is to reduce the amount of storm water infiltration and inflow into the sanitary sewer collection system to a minimum.

Sewer Main Cleaning

Through this program, our contractor cleans the sewer mains in designated areas. The cleaning is accomplished by using what is known as a Vacuum Truck. All the debris and buildups in the sewer lines are collected in the manhole, vacuumed out, and will be further inspected via a camera unit. The camera inspection reveals the condition of the sewer pipes, which will be reviewed to choose the best method feasible for the repair and reconstruction of damaged pipes.

This program is very beneficial to the City. The cleaning of the pipes:

  • Allows total use of its capacity
  • Minimizes sewer main stoppages
  • Reduces manhole over flows
  • Reduces repair and power cost, and service interruptions

By decreasing the amount of storm water entering the collection system a savings in wastewater treatment is also achieved. 


This program was developed and implemented 3 years ago. In designated older sections of the City such as Sunday Meadow, Annalea/Whitehall, Wedgewood and Forest Bend subdivisions work has started or been completed.

Water Meter Change Out

Older meters often do not register water usage correctly. Unmetered water not only loses revenue but also significantly reduces accountability for water produced at the water treatment facilities.

The accuracy of these meters is a very important factor in the City’s efforts to maintain competitive water and wastewater rates and to meet funding needs.