City Attorney

Duties & Responsibilities 

  • The City Attorney’s Office is general counsel for the City Council, City Manager, Department/Division Heads, Boards, Commissions, and Committees.
  • The City Attorney drafts and reviews ordinances, resolutions, policies and procedures, and contracts, prior to consideration by the City Council to ensure compliance with state, federal, and local laws.
  • The City Attorney reviews claims, initiates and defends lawsuits; participates in mediation and arbitration; negotiates settlements; and makes recommendations pertaining to risk management.


The Council shall appoint a competent and duly qualified and licensed attorney practicing law in the State of Texas, who shall be the attorney for the City (and may also be referred to as City Attorney). He/she shall receive for his/her services such compensation as may be fixed by the Council and shall hold his/her office at the pleasure of the Council. The City Attorney shall be the legal adviser of, and attorney for, all of the Offices and Departments of the City, and he/she shall represent the City in all litigation and legal proceedings; provided that the Council may retain special counsel at any time they deem appropriate and necessary. He/she shall review and concur or dissent upon all documents, contracts, and legal instruments in which the City may have an interest. The City Attorney shall perform other duties prescribed by this Charter, ordinance, or as directed by Council. 

(Section 4.03. City Attorney, Charter, City of Friendswood, Texas)