Bond Projects

Current Bond Projects

In 2019 the following propositions passed in the November election.

  1. Proposition A
  2. Proposition B
  3. Proposition F

The issuance of $2,000,000 tax bonds by the City of Friendswood, Texas for designing, constructing, improving, and expanding the municipal public works facility located off of Blackhawk Boulevard in the city. Taxes sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on the bonds will be imposed.

Past Bond Projects

In 2013, Friendswood City Council requested feedback from some volunteers called the "Friendswood Bond Advisory Group" after they researched the City’s existing facilities and needs. Council asked voters to consider propositions for bond funding in four major: fire stations, the Library, parks and streets. Voters approved all four in November 2013. Periodically, City Council receives an update on the projects.

  1. Proposition 1
  2. Proposition 2
  3. Proposition 3
  4. Proposition 4

Proposition Number 1The issuance of $6,565,000 tax bonds for designing, improving, expanding and equipping city fire station number 4 and designing, constructing, improving and equipping a new fire station adjacent to the public safety building in the city.