Flood Risk in Friendswood

Friendswood is an inland City, yet it is still affected by storm surge from Galveston Bay and riverine flooding from our four major creeks and their tributaries:

  • Chigger Creek
  • Clear Creek
  • Cowards Creek
  • Mary’s Creek

Heavy rainstorms produce most of the flood damage. Coastal flooding caused by tropical storms, hurricanes and unusually high tides combined with strong westerly or northwesterly winds also poses a continuing threat to the City. The flat topography of our region is another contributor to flooding, since the flow takes longer time to go through creeks and channels to leave the City.

Programs & City Assistance

The City of Friendswood is concerned about repetitive flooding and has an active program to help you protect yourself and your property from future flooding.

Contact the City of Friendswood Engineering Department to inquire about the extent of past flooding in your area. Department staff can tell you about the causes of repetitive flooding, what the City is doing about it, and what would be an appropriate flood protection level.

City staff can visit your property to discuss flood protection alternatives. The City has compiled List of Financial Assistance Programs (PDF) to help both before and after a major storm event.

Friendswood Map

Find your property on the City of Friendswood’s Geographic Information System (GIS) map.