• Retirement with Texas Municipal Retirement System:
    • 7% employee contribution
    • 14% employer contribution (2 to 1)
    • 20 year retirement
  • Employees who are military reservists receive time off for drill weekends and two weeks annual training per year
    • Employees may be required to use vacation or comp time
  • 15 paid holidays per year (one is a floating holiday)
  • Longevity pay yearly at $5 per month of service after first year of full-time service
  • 3 days of Personal Time (24 hours)
  • Emergency/Bereavement Leave
  • Overtime or Comp Time
  • Shift Differential Pay
  • Call Out-Minimum 2 hours Overtime
  • 12 days of sick leave per year
  • 6 weeks paid maternity leave
  • Military leave
  • Military-Buyback time credit for retirement
  • Deferred Compensation Plan
  • Cafeteria Plan Insurance
  • Life
  • Health
  • Employee 90% paid by City
  • Family 70% paid by City
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program


Years of ServiceDays of Vacation
Years 0 through 515 days
Year 616 days
Year 717 days
Year 818 days
Year 919 days
Year 1020 days

Role-Specific Benefits

  • Communications Operator positions are full-time and include the same benefits package as police officers. It does require shift work.
  • Public Service Officer positions are part-time (32-hours per week) and receive health, dental and retirement benefits. It does require shift work. 
  • Animal Control Officer positions are full-time and receive the same benefits package as police officers. It does require a flexible schedule and includes on-call hours. 
  • Volunteer opportunities are available (non-paid, no benefits or compensation packages offered)
  • College Internships are non-paid and have no benefits packages.
  • Chaplain Corps positions are considered volunteer and have no salary or benefits.


  • Working in a well respected and honored profession
  • Being a member of a team who is in partnership with the community
  • Camaraderie
  • Fulfilling a dream
  • Giving back to your city and country
  • Being a servant to the citizens
  • Being in a position to do something positive to help society