Chaplaincy Corps

Police Chaplain

The Chaplaincy Corps is established to make ministerial counsel available to the department employees and the citizens of the Friendswood community. The police chaplains will work in conjunction with the crime victim liaison and offer spiritual counsel and psychological first aid, thereby helping to alleviate suffering for all members of the department and the citizens of the Friendswood community at any time and place needed. Their responsibilities shall include all activities that provide aid, comfort, and the mitigation of stress to families, department employees, volunteers, prisoners, and other members of the community who interact with the police department.

The Friendswood Police Chaplain Corps shall consist of volunteers who meet the requirements set forth by the Friendswood Police Department. All Chaplains shall make their time, talents and services available to all who are in need without regard to race, nationality, creed, gender, or religious or political affiliation. Financial compensation shall be limited to occasional training seminars and reimbursement for some expenses incurred when approved. Confidentiality is a legal and moral responsibility of chaplains that can only be breached when there is threat of death, threat of serious bodily injury or when national security is jeopardized.

A police chaplain must hold the following requirements and qualifications prior to applying for a volunteer position:

  • A chaplain must be an ordained or licensed minister, of a recognized faith, in good standing within his own denomination for a minimum of three years.
  • A chaplain must have appropriate professional training and experience.
  • A chaplain must show a spirit of understanding and love for his fellow man and relate easily to people.
  • A chaplain must be tactful and considerate in his approach to all people regardless of race, color or creed.
  • A chaplain must indicate a willingness to be involved in training that would enhance his efficiency in aiding people in crisis.
  • A chaplain must be willing and available to serve as required. The congregation served by the chaplain must be willing to allow time for this new ministry.
  • A chaplain must submit an amended city application for employment, and include with this a brief history of his religious training and work.
  • A chaplain must not now be, or ever have been, a member of any group dedicated to the overthrow of the Government of the United States.
  • A chaplain must give written consent to allow the police department to run a complete background investigation.
  • A chaplain must be willing to sign a waiver of liability for the City.
  • A chaplain must be willing to ride with a police officer for the number of hours as stipulated by the Chief of Police as training to familiarize himself with all aspects of police patrol duties.
  • A chaplain should be willing to become a member of the International Conference of Police Chaplains and work toward advanced credentials.

A Police Chaplain will provide the following services to citizens of Friendswood, police officers, and police officer's families:

  • Counseling; to include Spiritual, Premarital, Marital, Stress Management and Family.
  • Visitation of sick or injured officers and family
  • Assisting with funeral arrangements
  • Providing invocations and benedictions
  • Stress management at the scene of accidents, conflict or death
  • Spiritual (upon request)
  • Delivery of death notifications
  • Responding to threatened or completed suicide
  • Other reasonable requests deemed appropriate
  • Maintain the high standards of integrity of the Friendswood Police Department and the Chaplain Corps at all times
  • Comply with Department’s Guidelines of Professional Conduct
  • Identification provided to chaplains should be displayed when serving in official capacity
  • Promptly respond to calls, but obey all traffic laws
  • Attend meetings and training as provided for chaplains
  • Chaplains should be available to perform spiritual related tasks within the purview of their training and experience
  • Chaplains shall continually strive to advance their knowledge and skills in those areas that will enhance their job performance
  • Chaplains shall acquire a basic knowledge of the duties of the law enforcement officer.
  • Chaplains shall be familiar with proper police radio procedures.
  • The chaplain on duty will be available to the dispatcher at all times by telephone.
  • Chaplains should assist in contacting the appropriate resources to aid the public when necessary.
  • The responsibilities and duties of the Chaplain Corp are subject to change as deemed appropriate by the Chief of Police.