City of Friendswood, Texas

"Schrader Park at Lake Friendswood" dedicated

On Wednesday, July 3, "Schrader Park at Lake Friendswood was dedicated to the former Mayor, Paul Schrader. 
During his remarks, Mayor Mike Foreman explained, "Paul Schrader was an instrumental part in the City’s efforts to secure this property—which has been transformed from a sand pit to “Lake Friendswood.” Today, it is a large, beautiful, recreational space for residents. Although many people were involved, it was Paul who led the Friendswood consortium of City officials in meeting with, and corresponding with, the Galveston County Beach Parks Board and the Texas Parks and Recreation Foundation, to make it possible. There were times when less determined people would have given up, but not Paul and his team. They made it a reality. Their efforts will have perpetual benefit to our community. 
And so after consideration by, and approval of, the Friendswood City Council, let it be known that a portion of this park shall hereafter be known as “Schrader Park at Lake Friendswood.”

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