City of Friendswood, Texas

Friendswood named best Houston suburb

Friendswood is at the top of the list for “Best Suburb in Houston” according to

The personal finance website conducted a comprehensive study, analyzing the cost of living, quality of schools, and safety in suburban areas surrounding the biggest cities in Texas and across the country. Authors of the study believe, “…the best places to raise a family are often found on the edges of large metropolitan areas, where residents enjoy a better standard of living for less as well as greater access to recreational spaces.”

The information gathered for the study included median home list price and median monthly rent, annual cost of groceries, healthcare, utilities and transportation, quality of school districts, and crime rates. used government and non-government sources for the data.

“Friendswood is blessed with a rich foundation of faith, family, and education that endures. Add to that our proximity midway between downtown Houston and the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s not surprising that came to the conclusion that many Friendswood residents have known for a long time; this is a great place to live and raise a family,” said Friendswood Mayor Mike Foreman.

“Something that appears to be steadily growing is the number of people who grow up here, go away for higher education or to begin a career, then come back to Friendswood, and never leave,” added Mayor Foreman. “That adds a valuable level of stability to our community.”

Other top Texas suburbs and the city they are near are: Hutto near Austin, Murphy near Dallas, and New Braunfels near San Antonio.

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