City of Friendswood, Texas

"Clear the Shelter" results

Twelve cats and six dogs are now with their “forever families” after being adopted during Friendswood Animal Control's "Clear the Shelters" event on Saturday, August 17.  Those 18 pets are in addition to the 15 or more which were adopted in the three weeks leading up to the event.

Friendswood Animal Control (FAC) volunteers and staff members assisted each potential adopter, providing one-on-one guidance in selecting the best fit pet for themselves and their families. Adopters were also treated to drinks and snacks provided by FAC volunteers and staff, and Hawaiian Shave Ice provided by the Edison family. The Edisons not only supported the event by providing cold treats, they also adopted a pet at the “Clear the Shelter” event.

All adopters were offered a professional “family” portrait with their new pet, provided by Cassi Beard, owner of Friendswood's Studio B Fine Portraits. Cassi and her husband Richard serve as volunteers at the shelter each week.

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