City of Friendswood, Texas

FAQ (Police)

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There are three shifts - Days (6am-2pm), Evenings (2pm-10pm) and Nights (10pm-6am).

There is a Take Home Program for Sergeants (and above), CID, and other specialized positions. Also we have a new fleet that revolves with less than 80,000 miles per car.

14 paid holidays (including 1 floating holiday), 12 paid sick days (3.69 hours per pay period), and 15 paid vacation days per year (after six months of continuous duty).

Starting salary for entry-level police officer is $60,775 to $70,183, depending on qualifications.  This does not include incentive pays which begin 6 months after start date. 

 13 months with the Friendswood Police Department as a full-time service as a Police Officer.

 The back ground process varies from person to person but usually takes 2-4 months

Apply online, submit background packet, preliminary screening, written exam, oral interview board, background investigation, command panel interview, medical exam and drug screening and psychological exam and interview.

No. But there is a pre-employment physical administered to all applicants by a physician designated by the Police Department at no cost to the applicant. And applicant’s weight must be proportional to height.

Yes, applicants can order a study guide from the testing company at

You may apply anytime you see a peace officer position listed under the City of Friendswood job listings.

This is determined on a case by case basis.  However, we try to accomplish the hiring process for an out of town applicant in as little as two visits. 

No, however, you may submit your scores from another agency where you took the same exam as long as it has been less than a year and the agency is willing to submit the score in writing on Department Letterhead with your personal identifying information.

We have not officially analyzed the data. However, I can say that our attrition rate is low. Most of our new hires are from new budgeted positions, which is usually two (2) per year.

 It varies with the budget and attrition, but I would say that is is on the average of two (2).

Yes.  You can contact the Office of Professional Standards and Training to obtain an application. 

Yes, all tattoos must be able to be covered by the uniform shirt.

The test is comprised of five dimensions:
    · Reading Comprehension
    · Grammar
    · Spelling
    · Math
    · Fact versus Inference

  • Please see TCOLE out of state page.  Upon appointment you will be assigned to the patrol division where you will be assigned to the Field Training Program.  There is no In-house Police Academy; however, there is a short in-house orientation period before entering the Field Training Program.

Yes, this is mandated by the State of Texas (TCOLE).