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Development Process

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The Planning & Zoning division ensures that the Subdivision Ordinance and Zoning Ordinance adopted by the City are enforced.  Development Review Committee meetings hosted by the department provide owners and developers with valuable information regarding the steps to develop or build on their properties.  This division also works with the Planning & Zoning Commission and oversees the platting and zone change processes .


  2019 P&Z Submittal Schedule

  2019 Zone Change SUP PUD Submittal Schedule

  2020 P&Z Submittal Schedule

  2020 Zone Change SUP PUD Submittal Schedule

Land development within the City of Friendswood, depending on the size and nature of the project, involves several steps. When a landowner desires to develop property within the City, the first step of the process should be to arrange a meeting with the Development Review Committee (DRC).  This informal meeting allows the developer to gather information pertinent to the proposed development and to discuss the City's development process. Staff can assist by discussing the process requirements for the specific type of development, identifying any required applications or fees to be submitted and by providing input that can potentially expedite the overall process. The staff can also provide an overall timeline for each step in the process, which depends largely on when the process starts and what steps are needed.

DRC Meetings are held on Wednesday mornings at 9am, 10am, and 11am.  To schedule a meeting or check for availability, please call 281-996-3290.

Zoning regulates and restricts the use, size, height and density of buildings and other structures; the percentage of lots that may be occupied; the size of the yards, courts and other open spaces; the density of population; and the location and use of the buildings, structures, and land for trade, industry, residences, and other purposes.
Listed below are zoning districts adopted by the City of Friendswood.  For more detailed information on these districts, refer to the City's Zoning Ordinance.

SFR              Single Family Residential
SFR-E          Single Family Residential Estate
MFR-L          Multi-Family Residential Low Density
MFR-M         Multi-Family Residential Medium Density
MFR-H         Mulit-Family Residential High Density
MFR-GHD    Garden Home District
MHR             Mobile Home District
CSC              Commercial Shopping Center
NC                Neighborhood Commercial
LNC              Local Neighborhood Commercial
OPD             Office Park District
DD                Downtown District
PUD              Planned Unit Development
A-1                Agricultural District
LI                   Light Industrial
I                     Industrial
BP                 Business Park

Commercial Regulation Matrix- once link opens, scroll to Section 7.Q.
Residential Regulation Matrix - once link opens, scroll to Section 7.Q.
Permitted Use Table - once link opens, scroll to Section 7.P.

Zone Change Flow Chart           Zone Change Flow Chart

Fees and Applications

Zone Change        $300 - $500               Zone Change Application

A subdivision is defined as the subdividing of any lot, tract, or parcel of land into two or more lots or sites for the purpose of sale or development, whether immediate or future, including resubdividing of existing lots in lawfully platted land, or the combining of two or more lots into the same number or fewer lots with different boundaries.

A subdivision must meet the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance (Appendix C, Friendswood Code of Ordinances) and of the Subdivision Ordinance (Appendix B, Friendswood Code of Ordinances). 

Platting Process Flow Chart

Plat Acknowledgment Examples

COF Standard Plat Notes

Fees and Applications

Preliminary Plat


Download Application
Final Plat/Short Form Final Plat


Download Application
Replat Application/Amending Plat


Download Application
Vacating Plat


Download Application
Plat Extension


Provide Written Request
Conceptual Plan Review        


Download Application

Subdivision Infrastructure Plan Review   


Download Application
Certificate of Platting Exemption            

No charge

Download Application

The site plan review process with the City of Friendswood is a one-step process. The applicant submits two sets of architectural plans and two sets of civil plans for initial review. Staff will route the plans to all necessary departments for permitting while simultaneously placing the project on a Planning & Zoning Commission meeting agenda.

Upon approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission, building permits can be issued and construction started immediately, provided all necessary documents have been received.

Fees and Applications

Commercial Site Plan $500                  New Commercial Building Requirements with Applications

View Details regarding Set Backs, Landscaping, Facade Requirements and More

View Details regarding Parking Requirements, Tree List, DD Amenities and More

Specific Use Permits (SUP) are for uses that generally have unusual nuisance characteristics or are of a public or semipublic character often essential or desirable for the general convenience and welfare of the community. Because of the nature of the use, the importance of the user's relationship to the comprehensive plan, or possible adverse impact on neighboring properties of the use, review, evaluation and exercise of the planning judgement relative to the location and site plan of the proposed use are required.

Fees and Applications

Specific Use Permit $300                                  Zone Change Application

Any time a new tenant moves into a commercial lease space, a new tenant takes over a commercial building, ownership changes, or the existing tenant changes use, a Certificate of Occupancy shall be required.

The purpose is to ensure that the proposed business is allowed in the zoning category in which it operates and that the building or lease space meets the minimum requirements of the current zoning ordinance and building codes, as well as fire and life safety codes.  Once the required inspections are approved, the City of Friendswood will issue a Certificate of Occupancy to the tenant.

The business shall not operate without a Certificate of Occupancy.

Fees and Applications

Tenant Occupancy $75                                        Download Application

Requests for appeals, variances and special exceptions require a public hearing before the Zoning Board of Adjustment and must meet the specifications outlined on the application.

Fees and Applications

Appeals, Variances & Special Exceptions    $100    Download Application

A personal care facility is defined as any establishment that furnishes food and shelter to four or more persons who are unrelated to the proprietor of the establishment and provides personal care services, as that term is defined in V.T.C.A., Health and Safety Code Sec. 247.002, and as further provided for in V.T.C.A, Human Resources Code Sec. 123.004.

Personal care facilities shall be subject to the requirements listed on the application at the time the first permit, certificate of occupancy, or zoning compliance requested is submitted.

Fees and Applications

Personal Care Facility   No charge   Download Application

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