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Right-of-Way Construction Permit

  1. Per the Certificate Number above, proof of insurance is current and on file. Contractor shall register with the Engineering Division and will need to have proof of insurance. A copy of the approved permit and plans must be on site at all times. Line locations for water and sewer utilities shall be requested from Public Works 48 hours prior to commencing work at (281) 996-3380. One call ticket number (from 811) must be given to Public Works. All construction will be in conformance with all city codes and applicable local, state, and federal laws. Contractor agrees to comply with this Permit and the Right-of-Way Management Standard Notes.
  3. The City of Friendswood’s Public Works Department SHALL also and separately be notified for municipal utility locates 48 hours at (281) 996-3380 prior to starting any construction, excavation, digging, or any penetration into the ground.
  4. 811 shall be required to be notified 48 hours prior to excavations, to allow for contract franchise utility (phone, cable, gas, and electric) companies to allow for line locates. The City is NOT part of the 811 system. Line locates shall be called into Public Works at 281.996.3380 forty-eight (48) hours prior to the start of construction.
  5. A separate permit shall be required if the work is to be executed within the TxDOT Right Of Way (FM 2351, FM 518, or FM 528) and a copy shall be sent to the Engineering Division.
  6. This permit is only valid for one-hundred eighty (180) calendar days from theapproval date listed above.
  7. This permit must be onsite by any contractor or subcontractor at ALL times.
  8. Right-of-Way Management Standard Notes
  9. 1. The right-of-way user, their contractor (including sub-contractors) or representative, shall notify the Department of Public Works forty-eight (48) hours prior to the start of construction (281-996-3380).
  10. 2. All construction shall be in conformance with all city codes, technical specifications and standards; and applicable local, state, and federal laws.
  11. 3. Erosion control measures (i.e. silt fences) and advanced warning signs, markers, cones, and barricades must be in place before work begins.
  12. 4. Contractors (including sub-contractors) working for the permittee are responsible for obtaining line locates from all effected utilities prior to excavation. It is the permittee’s responsibility to verify the location, both horizontal and vertical, of all existing utilities, which may be in conflict with the proposed construction.
  13. 5. Contractors (including sub-contractors) shall adequately protect existing structures, utilities, trees, shrubs and other permanent objects.
  14. 6. Ditches shall be opened at the end of each day to assure adequate drainage.
  15. 7. Trench safety system to meet, as a minimum, the requirements of OSHA Safety and Health Regulations Part 1926, Subpart P.
  16. 8. No open excavations shall be left open overnight. All excavations which cannot be backfilled overnight shall be covered, as a minimum, with steel plating when in paved areas; 3/4 inch plywood, wood planking with OSHA orange plastic expanded mesh barrier around perimeter in unpaved areas, or as approved by the City of Friendswood.
  17. 9. For locations where open cut construction is required in streets the contractor, including sub-contractors, shall furnish and maintain adequate barricades, warning and directing signs, flags, and lights. All signs, barricades, pavement markings, traffic signals, and channelizing devices used to handle traffic shall be shown on a traffic control plan (to be approved by the City) and shall conform to the latest revisions of the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devised for Street and Highways (TMUTCD), "Part VI-Traffic Controls for Street and Highway Construction and Maintenance Operations", latest edition.
  18. 10. The condition of paving shall be as good as or better than prior to starting.
  19. 11. On completion of all work, the contractor shall notify the Engineering Department to schedule a final inspection of the project (281-996-3411).
  20. 12. The Owners Representative by signing below acknowledges that they understand and will comply to all the Terms and Conditions of this permit.
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  22. Please upload plans of the proposed work being requested.
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