What equipment is issued to a new patrol officer?

For more information on the equipment issued to new patrol officers, visit the Salary, Benefits and Rewards page.

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1. Is Friendswood Police Department Civil Service?
2. How many commissioned officers does Friendswood Police department employ?
3. What are the different shifts?
4. What equipment is issued to a new patrol officer?
5. Does the Friendswood Police Department have a Take Home Ride Program?
6. How many paid holidays, sick and vacation days do employees get each year?
7. What is the pay scale for Friendswood Police Department?
8. What type of certification or education pay is offered?
9. What is the length of time needed before joining a specialized division? (SWAT, Marine, Bike)
10. How fast is the background process?
11. What are the steps of the hiring process?
12. Is there a physical agility test?
13. What is the population of the City of Friendswood?
14. What is the average income of the population of Friendswood?
15. What type of crimes are common in Friendswood?
16. Do you have a study guide for the police entrance exam?
17. Can I make copies of originals or certified copies?
18. When should I apply?
19. As an out of state applicant, how many trips will I need to make to Friendswood during the hiring process?
20. Are there any waivers for testing?
21. What is your turnover/attrition rate?
22. How many do you hire?
23. Can I do a ride along?
24. Does the department have a policy on tattoos?
25. What types of questions are on the police entrance exam?
26. What are the qualifications for the Peace Officer position?
27. What are the requirements for a lateral transfer?
28. Do you have to be a US citizen?
29. How old do you have to be to become a police officer?
30. How do I find out about other jobs within the police department?