Why are fireworks illegal in Friendswood?

Fireworks are illegal for many reasons:

  • Injuries: once ignited, some fireworks can burn up to 1200 degrees F. For comparison, water boils at 212 degrees. Burn injuries are very common around Independence Day, particularly in children.
  • Fire Danger: fireworks burn at high temperatures and can drop sparks on your neighbor’s property.
  • Approximately 19,500 fires are started each year in the US by fireworks causing over $100 million in property damage.
  • Noise: fireworks by nature are loud and can scare pets and people.
  • Trash: fireworks are essentially gun power wrapped in cheap paper and plastic. Trash from fireworks will fall on roofs, streets, waterways, and fields that don’t belong to the individual igniting them.

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1. Why are fireworks illegal in Friendswood?
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