Victim Assistance

The goals of the Crime Victim Assistance program are to reduce the trauma and insensitive treatment victims and witnesses experience in the wake of a crime, to increase victim and witness participation in the justice system by giving full recognition and protection to the rights of these individuals, and to avoid inflicting "secondary victimization" that has often characterized much of the plight of the victims of crime.


Services provided by the Crime Victim Assistance Program:

  • On-scene crisis intervention - to 24 hours a day
  • Accompaniment to hospitals or other service agencies
  • Referrals to support agencies as necessary
  • Emergency transportation (Women’s Center, etc.)
  • Notification and assistance in filing Crime Victim Compensation Claims
  • Assistance in obtaining a Protective Order
  • Serve as a liaison between victims and law enforcement
  • Serve as a liaison between victims and social service agencies
  • Assists by telephone or office visit any victim requiring assistance following the crime, such as
    • Liaison with detectives
    • Information concerning status of the case
    • Accompaniment through the Criminal Justice System as requested
  • Special help to children involved as primary or secondary victims of crime
  • Assistance in delivering death notifications and assisting police at death scenes
  • Intensive family violence and sexual assault victim assistance