Patrol Services

Officer Response

Officers assigned to the Patrol Division are the first to respond to a call for service from a citizen. Their response time from the receipt of call until they are at the caller’s location varies. The average response time is about three minutes to a call involving a crime in progress or one involving an immediate threat to life or property.

For calls involving an event that occurred some time ago, and there is no threat, the average response time is about 12 minutes. It may take longer at busy periods, when the call load is high, or when most officers on duty are involved in a high profile incident. Each patrol car is staffed with one officer. Such incidents often require two or more officers to resolve them successfully and safely.

Don’t Hesitate

Do not hesitate to call if you believe the police are needed. Your knowledge and sense of neighborhood or business are the best guides. A prompt call substantially increases an officer’s chances of checking on the person, situation or vehicle you find suspicious. 

When a vehicle is involved, do all you can to remember the license plate number and color of the vehicle.

Concern Contacts

Police Response or Neighborhood Issues

Concerns about police response or neighborhood issues thought to require officer attention should be directed to the Duty Supervisor at 281-996-3300, or the Patrol Commander at 281-996-3321.

Dispatcher Interaction Concerns

Concerns about how a dispatcher handled your call should be directed to the Public Safety Manager at 281-996-3314.

Incident & Accident Reports

Copies of police incident and accident reports can be obtained from P2C (Police-to-Citizen). This interactive website allows citizens to perform simple searches regarding police incidents/arrests, download reports, and obtain inmate information.