Public Service Officer

The Public Service Officer’s primary functions include:

  • Provide and maintain care and custody of prisoners that are being held in the City Jail
  • Provide a support system for police officers
  • Provide a liaison between the courts, the Friendswood Police Department and all other appropriate agencies 
  • Provide other services to their community

They are expected to inspire public confidence in government by their position and allegiance to their oaths of office. The selection process is rigorous and tests applicants’ physical and emotional fitness. You must meet minimum qualifications and satisfactorily complete each phase of the application investigation process to be selected for appointment as a Friendswood Public Service Officer.

Careful Consideration

You must seriously consider your own reason for becoming a Public Service Officer. Not every person is an appropriate candidate for this career. Frequently, officers go from long periods of inactivity to sudden situations causing significant physical and emotional stress. You will be placed in situations that will test your judgment. Our process attempts to ensure that applicants who may pose risks of injury to themselves or others will not be selected. You are personally responsible to consider the risks before proceeding.

Often, officers are exposed to situations that can lead to corrupt, unlawful behavior. We seek only those people whose histories reflect honesty, reliability, and responsible financial management. Public confidence depends on every officer possessing and exhibiting unquestioned integrity.

  1. Duties
  2. Training

As a public service officer, you will be required to perform shift work, including rotating day, evening and midnight shifts. On occasion you will be required to work unscheduled overtime and there will be times when you will have to attend court to testify on your normal day off or on a day when you are scheduled to work the evening or midnight shift. You will be compensated for overtime and court time. You must expect these occurrences if you accept employment.

Essential Job Functions

A Public Service Officer’s essential job functions include:

  • Regular and timely attendance at work
  • Maintain order and discipline within the facility
  • Maintain physical control of prisoners by using minimal restraint techniques
  • Processes all incoming prisoners, including:
    • Searching the prisoner
    • Inventory of property
    • Taking of photographs and fingerprints
    • Completion and filing of related reports and documents
  • Enter arrest information into computer system
  • Responsible for prisoner needs on a 24-hour basis according to shift assignment. Duties include:
    • Serving meals to prisoner
    • Provides or obtains medical aid if needed
    • Dispenses prescribed medications and maintains Medication Log
    • Maintain proper care of prisoner property and records
  • Clean and maintain prisoner blankets, towels and trustee uniforms
  • Daily notification to the Judge as to prisoners being held
  • Prepare paperwork for arraignment before the Judge
  • Enter arrest information into Jail Booking Log, Arrest Board and Prisoner Information Sheet
  • Conduct prisoner releases to include release of inmate property and send information to other agencies, such as Harris County Jail and Galveston County Jail
  • Conduct personal visual inspections of all prisoners every 30 minutes, unless directed to conduct more frequently
  • Conducts daily, weekly, and monthly inspections of the jail facility area. The inspections are for:
    • Safety
    • Supplies
    • Security
    • Sanitation
  • Conducts inspection of jail cells prior to placing prisoners in cell
  • Ensures prisoners removes all trash and property from jail and flushes toilet
  • Inspects cell prior to releasing prisoner to ensure that prisoner has not hidden contraband
  • Conducts searches of prisoners and cells as required
  • Selects trustees for special work assignments
  • Checks for any outstanding warrants on prisoners accepted into facility per departmental procedures
  • Respond to information requests from family, bonding companies, other agencies
  • Escort guests
  • Take messages
  • Answer questions and collects, receipts and posts fines/bond money for Class C misdemeanors and bond releases for county charges in reference to prisoners
  • Perform administrative and clerical tasks as directed
  • Provide information and directions to the public that call or come to the station seeking assistance
  • Complete incident reports over the phone
  • Complete incident reports from citizens that come to the station to file reports
  • Operates Intoxilyzer
  • Operates Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)
  • Keeps supervisor informed of any incident or issue that requires his/her attention
  • Assist in training new personnel
  • Contribute to team effort by performing other related duties as assigned