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March 8, 2018

Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) has made the City of Friendswood aware of a telephone-based scam. The scammers threaten to disconnect customers' power if those customers don't make payments. These callers are scammers who don't represent TNMP. The scam calls generally include this scenario:
--A customer's caller ID shows our 888 phone number and reads "TX NM POWER" or similar.
--"Spoofing" software makes fake caller ID names and numbers pretty easy for scammers to use.
--Customers are told they have a very short period of time – sometimes just 45 minutes – to make a payment before they are disconnected.
--Scam callers instruct customers to visit a discount store to purchase a gift card.
--Customers are instructed to then call a different 888 number to use the gift card to make a payment.
--The 888 number customers are told to call to pay is not TNMP's, even though an automated system picks up and identifies itself as "Texas-New Mexico Power."

Customers who receive calls "from TNMP" demanding payment should hang up. They can call their billing companies – using the phone numbers on their bills – if they wish to check on their billing status.

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