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"If you see my lights..."

Date: March 12, 2018

Friendswood Volunteer Fire Department Chief Stan Kozlowski would like to remind drivers: If you see my lights, please pull to the right.

I have spent the majority of my professional career in public service. Every time that I have driven with my lights and siren on, it was either to get some place where someone had an emergency, or to take someone who was having an emergency to get a higher level of care. 

Also during my career, I have seen countless examples of drivers who either don’t know what to do when an emergency vehicle comes up to them, or they can’t be bothered to yield and allow them to pass. I have had drivers turn in front of me, stop in the middle of the road, pull to the left, and stop in the turn lane. I’ve even had some try and race me while waving at me with one finger. 

Please Friendswood--pull to the right. I repeat: if you see my lights, please pull to the right. It’s the law.

We are trying to get somewhere in order to help someone.  What if it was your emergency that we were trying to get to?  Minutes count, and we are asking you to help us get there by yielding to our vehicles.

If you see an ambulance, fire truck or other first response vehicle running with lights and siren, obey the law. Pull to the right.  Share the road with the other drivers.  Be courteous, be safe. 

If you see my lights, Please pull to the right.