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Final debris pass has begun

Date: October 26, 2017

The Final Pass for Hurricane Harvey storm debris began this morning (Thursday, October 26) with crews working in Sun Meadows, Autumn Creek, Imperial Estates Section 2, Empere Chateau, Forest Bend, and Wedgewood Village subdivisions. Since this is the Final Pass, once crews complete an area, they will not return for debris pickup.


FEMA regulations do not allow City of Friendswood debris removal contractors to pick up debris from new construction, repair work, and/or complete demolitions. FEMA also does not allow storm debris mixed with new construction debris to be picked up. Disposal of debris from new construction, repair work, and/or complete demolitions is the resident’s and resident’s contractors responsibility.

Also, new construction, repair work, and/or complete demolition debris will not be picked up by normal household garbage collectors.


Hurricane Harvey-related debris must be sorted into separate piles: construction and demolition, vegetation, appliances, household hazardous waste, electronics, and regular household garbage. It must be placed at the curb.

If your remaining debris will fit into two trash bags or less, please bag it and put it out for regular household garbage pickup.  Please don’t overload your trash bags—make them fifty pounds or less.

Please be sure your debris is accessible and can be easily loaded. Remaining debris should be raked and in a pile away from obstacles such as mailboxes, fire hydrants, and parked vehicles.

While vegetative debris generated by Harvey will be removed, new vegetative waste is not considered storm debris. It must be bundled and meet regular pickup guidelines. The rule of thumb is: if it’s still green, it needs to be bundled.

Additional information is available at or 281-996-3335.