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Things to remember during clean-up

Date: October 2, 2017


  • Wear protective clothing, mask, boots and rubber gloves when handling items touched by flood waters.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water.
  • Do continue to be aware of debris piles and their hazards.
  • Do continue to be aware of rodents, snakes and insects.
  • Do not try to do structural or electrical work yourself.
  • Keep children and pets safe. Keep them away from wet or damaged materials, and leaking or spilled chemicals.
  • Do not combine chemicals from leaking or damaged containers as this may produce dangerous or violent reactions. Clean up and discard chemicals separately, even if you know what they are.
  • Do not dump cleaners, paint, or other chemicals down drains, storm sewers, or toilets.
  • Do not try to burn household cleaners, paint, or other chemicals.
  • Clearly mark and set aside unbroken containers until they can be properly disposed of.
  • Leave damaged or unlabeled chemical containers undisturbed whenever possible.
  • Make sure have moved all wall coverings out to avoid secondary contamination.
  • Throw out all exposed food, beverages and medicine, including canned goods.
  • Disinfect dishes and other items with soap and hot water, but throw out all soft plastics
  • Make a list of all damages and take photos or videos.
  • Keep a piece of damaged flooring and wall covering to show insurance assessor
  • Check with your mortgage holder before cashing home insurance checks, especially if the damage is extensive.