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Permits, Inspections and Contractor Registration

Date: October 2, 2017



Permits are required for all flood repairs. Permit fees for flood repair work will be waived.

Permitting Forms and Applications

Flood Repair Permits
Flood repairs only, no structural additions or alterations:

  • Permit applications – building plus electrical, plumbing and mechanical (if applicable)

  • Value of work – include labor and materials

  • Detailed scope of work for values $75,000 or greater and/or if structure is located in flood zone

    Sample Scope of Work 1   Sample Scope of Work 2

We recommend that an electrician inspect electrical system, especially if outlets were under water.  If outlets need to be replaced, an electrical permit is required.

Flood repairs that include structural additions or alterations:

  • Permit applications – building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical

  • Value of work – include labor and materials

  • 2 copies engineer stamped plans

  • 2 copies floor plan

  • 2 copies of electrical, plumbing and/or mechanical diagrams

  • 2 copies of a site plan or survey, if a building addition

Additionally, flood repairs on structures located in a special flood hazard area (AE/100-year floodplain) will be evaluated by staff.  A detailed damage assessment, elevation certificate, and/or current appraisal may be required.

Flood Repair Inspections

A permit is required in order to schedule inspections. Inspections will be scheduled in the order received and completed as soon as possible.  We cannot guarantee next business day inspections for flood repair or damage assessment inspections.

  • Frame/cover inspection – an inspection conducted prior to covering walls with sheetrock or insulation; framing must be dry; any plumbing, electrical and/or mechanical system repairs that will be concealed need to be complete
  • Final inspection – a final inspection after all permitted work has been completed; appliances must be installed and all plumbing, electrical and/or mechanical systems operating

Certificate of Completion

After the final inspection, a Certificate of Completion will be issued.

If you own your home and live in your home, you may obtain permits and do your own work.  A permit is still required.  If you plan to hire subcontractors for electrical or plumbing work, a building permit must be obtained first.

Contractor Registration
All contractors are required to register with the City of Friendswood. A laminated registration card will be provided to the contractor.  Fees will be waived for contractors registering to do storm-related work.

Registration Requirements:

Completed Business Registration Form

Certificate of Insurance with City of Friendswood as Certificate Holder


Fax: 281-996-3260

Structure demolition – a permit is required for demolition of a structure; commercial buildings require an asbestos report to be reviewed by the Building Official

Once a structure is demolished, a new structure must meet all current City of Friendswood codes. Structures located in a flood zone or classified as a repetitive loss by NFIP and damaged fifty percent or more of the market value may be required to meet current City codes, including elevation, which is 2 feet above base flood elevation or 18 inches above the curb or crown of the street, whichever is greater. 

Sheetrock, carpet and cabinetry removal – a permit is not required; however, we will issue permits at the request of a homeowner and to contractors who are charging for work


Questions? Call the Community Development Department at 281-996-3201.