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Permits and Contractor Registration

Date: September 15, 2017

Permits are required for all flood repair work. Homeowners may obtain permits to do their own work. Submittal requirements include permit applications and an itemized list of repairs and values of work, including labor and materials.

Flood repair permits on structures located in a special flood hazard area (AE/100-year floodplain) will be evaluated by staff.  A detailed damage assessment, elevation certificate, and/or current appraisal may be required.

The Building Official recommends that an electrician inspect the electrical system, especially if outlets were under water.  If outlets need to be replaced, an electrical permit is required.

City inspectors will do a frame inspection before sheetrock is replaced and a final inspection once work is complete. Inspections must be called in by 5pm for next business day inspection. After the final inspection, the City will issue a Certificate of Occupancy.

Permitting Forms and Applications

For permits with a value of work $75,000 or greater and/or in the AE flood zone, a detailed scope of work is required to be submitted with the Building Permit Application. Sample Scope of Work 1   Sample Scope of Work 2


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