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Garbage versus looting

Date: September 7, 2017

The City of Friendswood has received multiple calls regarding the “looting” of furniture and appliances from the curbside.

Residents should be aware that material left on the public right of way (curb), is considered debris or garbage. Case law has established that garbage, by definition, cannot be stolen. Items left on the curbside are subject to removal by the City’s storm debris contractor.

If you have furniture or other items that you are keeping or holding until insurance adjusters can see them, please put these items in the back yard or close to the home.

The cleanup process continued Wednesday with trucks picking up storm debris. Trucks will complete multiple passes over the next several weeks. During the first pass, trucks will be picking up the most expedient debris they can find to help eliminate public health risks of floodwaters. Debris that is inaccessible due to parked vehicles or other obstructions will be skipped during the first pass. To help the cleanup process, residents are urged to avoid parking in front of debris piles.

Segregate your debris into piles: Construction and Demolition, appliances, electronics, woody debris, and hazardous materials.

If you have already used trash bags, separate these bags from the main debris pile. They will be picked up at a later time.

Debris collection contractors must be able to see what they are picking up to ensure that it is storm debris and that the landfill is licensed to accept the items in the bag.