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Most City Parks reopen

Date: September 5, 2017

After a safety review and larger debris clean-up, the City of Friendswood continues to make some progress in cleaning and reopening parks.   

Stevenson Park is open with the exception of both playgrounds. They are surrounded by temporary orange fences. Please do not use the Stevenson Park playgrounds until the fences have been removed. The Splash Pad and other facilities at Stevenson Park are open.

Lake Friendswood Park, Centennial Park, Schultz Sportspark, Renwick Park, and the Activity Building (Morningside Drive) are open regular hours. 1776 Park is open, but please park in the parking lot and not on the street, so debris removal trucks may pass.  

Jones Hangar (Buckingham Drive) is closed until at least September 15.  Old City Park is undergoing planned construction. For more information call 281-996-3220 or email