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How to donate cash to Friendswood flood victims fund

Date: August 31, 2017

The City of Friendswood has been catastrophically impacted by Harvey with over 3,000 homes flooded. Financial donations are the best mechanism to help those in need. An account through the Friendswood Rotary Club Charitable Foundation has been set up to receive donations; utilizing Paypal:

The link accepts Paypal, credit or debit cards.

Financial donations to the Rotary Charitable Foundation may also be made through Hometown Bank of Friendswood.

The foundation has committed to work with local response and benevolent services organizations to prioritize and distribute donations to those in need.

Donations received will be expended to provide immediate housing, clothing, and other basic needs. Funds will also be used on a priority basis to include cleaning materials, securing property, and to assist with repairs of homes. Funds exceeding local needs will be utilized in the Houston-Galveston region for disaster relief.

At least 2,000 of the 3,000 flooded homes, or more, are not likely to have flood insurance as they were not in a designated flood zone. Water levels easily exceeded the “500 year” flood.

The Rotary Foundation has no paid employees and little to no overhead. All funds received will be directly used in the City of Friendswood or the Houston-Galveston Area.