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Don't let your guard down...

Date: August 10, 2016

Hurricane season officially runs from June 1 to November 30, with the peak of the season occurring from mid-August to late October. The City of Friendswood Office of Emergency Management encourages residents to remain prepared by creating or reviewing your family’s emergency plan, registering your phone with the CodeRED system, and maintaining your emergency preparedness kit.

Your family’s emergency plan should address what you and your family will do should a hurricane impact the City. Consider your evacuation destination and coordinate with that person to ensure that they will have space available for you and your family. Ensure they will be able to accommodate your family pet or other needs you may have. 

Your emergency preparedness kit should contain essential items that you would need during emergencies. Keep a minimum of a one-week supply of food and water and maintain a two-week supply of your prescription medications. Should an evacuation be necessary, take your kit with you. For a more comprehensive list, go to:

CodeRED is a system utilized by the City to send emails, make phone calls, and send text messages to registered residents or business owners. The last city wide activation occurred in the middle of June for a missing person. If you did not receive that call then your phone is not registered. To register for the free service, go to:

For additional local information, contact the Friendswood Office of Emergency Management at 281-996-3335 or