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Questions and Answers about Friendswood Animal Control

Date: July 7, 2016

With such a wide variety of policies and procedures at various area animal control facilities, here are some questions and answers about Friendswood Animal Control.

If an animal goes to Friendswood Animal Control and is not claimed by its owner in three days, is it euthanized?

Animals picked up as strays in the City of Friendswood are held for three business days to allow owners missing their pets time to reclaim them. If an animal is not claimed after three days, and doesn’t have any identification, such as identification tags or a microchip, the animal is assessed for adoptability. The priority in assessing an animal is the animal’s health and the safety of potential adopters. If an animal is adoptable, it is advertised on social media and, and marketed at Friendswood Animal Control. The volunteers and staff at Friendswood Animal Control work hard to match potential adopters to animals at the facility to ensure the animal finds a lifetime home. Sometimes the process can take months. Recently, “Angus,” a black-lab mix was adopted after being at the facility for more than two months.

Is the reason many of the animals at Animal Control have not been claimed by their owners because they are sick?

Pets end up as strays for many reasons. Most of them are no fault of the animals.

Sometimes people move and cannot take their pets with them. Other times people underestimate the cost of owning a pet and think the only way to deal with the problem is to “set the pet free.” However, most of the pets picked up as strays at Friendswood Animal Control had a family or someone caring for them at some point in their lives.

The majority of animals picked up are friendly and have had interaction with people. Some are already neutered or spayed, and many of them have had training; including house training and basic obedience.

No pet is perfect and almost all pets who are new to your home will need an adjustment period and some training.

Is it a good idea to adopt a pet from an animal control facility if no one knows the pet’s background?

Many people who call and come into Friendswood Animal Control express concern about not knowing the animal’s background and possible behavioral and health issues the animal could possess that could potentially cost a lot of money and time to address.

Unless your dog or cat is born in your home, you’ll never really fully know its background. Even pets purchased from breeders can have issues, because each animal is an individual and itsbreeding is not a 100-percent guarantee that the animal will be just like its parents and ancestors.

The same goes for an animal’s health background. One of the volunteers at Friendswood Animal Control has a pure bred dog from a reputable breeder who has been the most expensive pet she’s ever owned.

No matter where you get your pet, it’s critical to consider not only the cost of pet ownership and proper care, but the time and effort that’s needed to train the animal. Be sure to work up a budget before getting your pet to ensure you have a realistic expectation of what having a pet for a lifetime will cost.

If you want to know more about Friendswood Animal Control, why not stop by for a visit? They welcome the opportunity to show the public the Facility and educate you about their processes.

Friendswood Animal Control also welcomes citizens to volunteer and participate in the process of helping stray animals find their forever homes. If you would like to learn more, or to schedule a time to visit the Facility, please contact Amy Castro, Friendswood Animal Control’s Volunteer Liaison at 281-996-3390, or