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Friendswood residents celebrate July 4th in a unique way

Date: July 1, 2016

Each year since it was founded in 1895, Friendswood has celebrated the Fourth of July.


Following his election to Friendswood City Council in 2010, Dr. Pat McGinnis asked Council to approve a reading by councilmembers of the entire Declaration of Independence at their July Meeting. The annual tradition has continued. For 2016, with former Councilmember McGinnis’ and Mayor Kevin Holland’s permission, different readers and a different presentation method have been approved.


This year, the Declaration of Independence was divided into sections; each no more than a sentence or two. More than sixty people (including first responders, elected officials, Friendswood High School’s 2016 Valedictorian, clergy, athletes, former mayors, astronauts, local service club presidents, City Staff members, nominees to the military academies, etc.) participated.


The sections have been recorded and edited into a single video, and posted on the City of Friendswood YouTube Channel at

It is also available at the “Friendswood City” Facebook page and


The video will be played at the July 11 City Council meeting.