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Traffic Control Plan "Friendswood High School Homecoming Parade"

Date: October 22, 2015
Time: 6:30 PM

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Traffic Control Plan


“Friendswood High School Homecoming Parade”

Thursday, October 22, 2015, 6:30 pm

Farm to Market Traffic Stopping Points


FM 518 (South Friendswood Drive)


Clearview Drive


Traffic will be stopped from traveling northbound on FM 518.  Traffic will be allowed to travel down Clearview Drive to Quaker Drive to Heritage Drive to Pecan Drive to FM 2351.  The reverse route will allow traffic from FM 2351 southbound back to Clearview Drive and FM 518.


Intersection of FM 2351 and FM 518


Traffic will not be allowed to travel southbound on FM 518.  Traffic will be allowed to go east or west bound on FM 2351.  Traffic traveling westbound FM 2351 can take Sunset Drive to FM 528 and back to FM 518.  Traffic on eastbound FM 2351 can take Blackhawk Blvd. to FM 528 and back to FM 518.


Barricade and traffic cones will be used at intersections on FM 2351 and FM518 and secondly streets to help control traffic along the parade route.


Side streets and parking lots’ entrance/exits between above traffic stopping points will be monitored by officers’ assigned intersections, bicycle officers and officers assigned to vehicles.


Northbound traffic on FM 518 will be directed down Clearview Drive.  Traffic can turn north onto Quaker Drive to FM 2351.  Traffic can turn back northbound onto FM 518.


FM 518 traffic will be stopped ten (10) minutes prior to parade start time. (6:30 pm)


Note:  FM 518 northbound lane will be kept clear of traffic for emergency traffic only.

Information Posting     (Minimum 10 days in advance of event)


FISD, Channel 19, cable service

City of Friendswood Traffic Information Radio Station, 1650 AM

City of Friendswood Electronic Bill Board, Stevenson Park on FM 518

Mail Logic email notification program.

Other news media

City’s Website/Facebook

Contact Persons


Lt. Dennis Senter, Assistant Police Patrol Commander        281-996-3371

Corporal Katie Mach, Parade Master                                     281-996-3322