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Friendswood Police Activity Report, March 5-11, 2012

Date: March 12, 2012

Friendswood Police Activity Report, March 5-11, 2012


Alvin Man Charged with Sixth DWI


Mar. 11 (3:42 a.m.) Raul Alfredo Canales, 52, of Alvin, was charged with Driving While Intoxicated-3rdor more.  Canales was stopped in the 1100 block of W. Edgewood after he was observed following a vehicle too closely and having difficulty maintaining a single lane of traffic. Canales displayed signs of intoxication and failed a field sobriety test. Canales refused to take a breath test but was taken to a local hospital for a mandatory blood draw.  Canales has five prior convictions for DWI, two of those cases were felonies and he is currently on probation for DWI. Canales’ bond was set at $100,000.


2012 Great Texas Warrant Round Up Sound Off


Friendswood was one of many law enforcement agencies around Texas to participate in the warrant round up focusing on Class C offenses. The roundup was conducted to increase accountability for and compliance with municipal court orders. Between February 13 and March 4, individuals with warrants paid $88,938.79 to clear 391 warrants.  The round up effort was a success. Combined efforts by the Friendswood Municipal Court and the Friendswood Police Department will continue in an effort to promote accountability and compliance for outstanding citations and warrants. Our enforcement efforts for warrants do not end just because this round up is over. The best way to avoid a warrant is not to receive a citation in the first place.  But if you do, you must comply with the law and take responsibility for the ticket.  Not doing so means that you risk the embarrassment and inconvenience of arrest during the next round up, or even the next time you are stopped by a police officer. Communicate with the court and find out what options are available to you. 


Family Violence                              


Mar. 9 (7:28 p.m.) Officers responded to a disturbance in the parking lot of Sonic, located at 806 S. Friendswood Drive. Marie Alicia Rodriguez, 49, of Alvin, was issued a citation for Assault by Contact-Family Violence. She is accused of hitting her husband in the head during an argument inside their vehicle.


Mar. 10 (12:16 a.m.) Jerry Lee Newman, 19, of Houston, was charged with Assault Causing Bodily Injury-Family Violence-Enhanced.  Officers were dispatched to a disturbance at a residence in the 5100 block of Abercreek Avenue. When officers arrived, they could hear struggle going on inside the home.  They entered the residence and separated a man and woman. Newman is accused of assaulting two persons inside the home and tried to choke and strangle his girlfriend. Newman’s prior arrests include Assault, Interfering with an Emergency Phone Call, Criminal Mischief, Obstructing Police and Public Intoxication.




Mar. 5 (10:41 a.m.) A resident in the 100 block of Clearview Avenue reported the unauthorized use of his debit card.  There were eight fraudulent transactions totaling more than $1900.


Mar. 5 (1:28 p.m.) A resident in the 1800 block Streamside Drive told police that she had received information that a check had been returned unpaid. The check was from a bank that the victim does not have an account with. An investigation is underway.


Mar. 5 (4:32 p.m.) A resident in the 16500 block of Forest Bend Avenue said that he received an email from notifying him of a secondary Amazon account opened with his credit card. Amazon caught the fraudulent activity and cancelled the account. A check of his account showed that the card had been used to start the Amazon account and to order a credit report. The account has now been closed.


Mar. 7 (11:34 a.m.) A resident in the 1800 block of Mission Circle reported that his personal information had been compromised and that someone had attempted to open a loan account without permission. He realized the identity theft when he received a denial letter from a creditor. The creditor advised that an application was submitted online.


Mar. 9 (4:27 p.m.) A resident in the 1600 block of Cascade Falls was checking his bank account online when he noticed unauthorized checks.  The transactions were reported to the bank and the account has been closed.


Missing Person


Police are looking for any information on the whereabouts of 24-year old, Mark Anthony Michalec, of Friendswood.  Mark had been staying at a sober living facility in the 900 block of W. Castlewood Drive; however, family members grew increasingly concerned when they had not heard from Mark in several days.  Mark is described as being a 24 year old, white, male, 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing approximately 280 pounds.  He has brown hair and brown eyes.  Mark drives a tan 2003 Ford Taurus, TX-CT7R369.  The last time anyone heard from Mark was on March 7 and he recently quit his job.


Driving While Intoxicated          


Mar. 10 (2:25 a.m.) Robert Anthony Maynard, 37, of Webster, was charged with Driving While Intoxicated. Maynard was stopped in the 5000 block of FM 2351 after hitting a curb while he was driving. Maynard exhibited signs of intoxication and failed a field sobriety test.  A search warrant for Maynard’s blood specimen was approved and signed.  Maynard was then taken to a local hospital for a blood draw.


Public Intoxication


Mar. 8 (3:21 p.m.) Officers were dispatched to Westwood Elementary School to check the welfare of a woman and her child.  A school crossing guard told police that an intoxicated woman was leaving the school with her child.  The child was physically supporting his mother as she crossed the street and got into a van. An officer stopped the van, and identified the intoxicated woman as Kimberly Reeves King, 49, of Pearland.  The woman’s level of impairment was extreme, especially given the fact that she was the primary caregiver for the child. King’s identifiers were run through the state database and a warrant for Violation of Probation for DWI and two Webster traffic warrants were found. King’s prior arrests include drug, alcohol and traffic offenses.


Mar. 10 (12:03 p.m.) John Purcer Buckley III, 58, of Friendswood, was charged with Public Intoxication in the 700 block of W. Parkwood Avenue. Officers were called to a restaurant parking lot for an intoxicated person.  As Buckley exited the restaurant, a citizen told the officers that Buckley was the man they had been called about. Buckley was visibly impaired as he was having trouble keeping his balance and when the officer approached Buckley, he could detect the smell of alcohol on Buckley’s breath and person. Buckley was walking toward his truck where an officer had already observed an open bottle of Tequila and a recently purchased bottle of wine behind the driver’s seat.  Buckley was taken into custody to prevent him from driving and being a danger to himself and others.




Mar. 6 (2:56 p.m.) Damon Dewayne Porter, 37, of Galveston, was charged with No Driver’s License and Evelynn Yvette Carranza, 19, of Texas City, was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Porter was stopped for a traffic violation in the 4600 block of FM 2351. Porter told the officer that he has never had a driver’s license and only had an identification card. During contact with Porter, the officer detected the smell of marijuana coming from the interior of the vehicle. Porter was asked to get out of the vehicle and granted the officer permission to search him and his vehicle. A short time later, the officer located an outstanding warrant for Porter in La Marque. The backseat passenger, Carranza, quickly told the officer that she had some marijuana in a folded envelope. Porter’s prior arrests include Assault, theft, criminal mischief and drug offenses.


Mar. 9 (9:04 a.m.) Sergio Ariel Rios, 20, of Houston, was charged with Possession of Marijuana.  Rios was stopped in the 16500 block of Barcelona Drive for speeding. While speaking with Rios, the officer detected the smell of marijuana coming from the interior of the vehicle. As the officer searched the vehicle, he found marijuana residue scattered throughout the vehicle’s interior. He then found a glass pipe and two bags of marijuana along with three half-smoked marijuana cigars and a package of Zig-Zag rolling papers and a marijuana grinder.


Mar. 9 (3:44 p.m.) Brianna Larynn Corley, 25, of Galveston, was charged with Possession of Marijuana. Corley was a passenger in a vehicle stopped in the 100 block of E. Edgewood. When the officer was talking to the driver, he noticed the smell of marijuana.  When the driver denied having any marijuana, Corley was questioned and admitted to have the substance in her purse. She also had a glass pipe in her pocket.


Mar. 11 (12:37 a.m.) Cody Pierre Pinkins, 17, of Houston, and Rodney Jerome Rogers, 17, of Friendswood, was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Minor in Possession of Tobacco.  Pinkins was stopped for a traffic violation in the 3000 block of W. Bay Area Blvd. When the officer contacted Pinkins, he detected the smell of marijuana inside the vehicle. Pinkins and Rogers denied having any marijuana in the car; however, during a search, officers found a baggie with a small amount of marijuana in the backseat along with a cigarillo in one of the door panels.


Mar. 11 (8:29 p.m.) George H. Stevenson, 39, of Georgetown, was charged with Possession of Marijuana.  An officer was looking for a suspicious vehicle reported in the Polly Ranch subdivision. The caller told police that a vehicle was driving in circles in the neighborhood and provided the vehicle’s description.  The officer found the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop in the 2100 block of Airline Drive. Stevenson told the officer that he did not live in the neighborhood but knew a friend in the area. During the conversation, the officer detected the smell of marijuana and asked Stevenson if he had marijuana inside the vehicle.  At first, Stevenson admitted to only having a marijuana cigarette but later told the officer that he had a baggie of marijuana.


Juvenile-Related Offenses


A 16 year old League City juvenile male was charged with Evading Arrest or Detention in a Motor Vehicle after he led Friendswood officers in a vehicle pursuit in a stolen vehicle.  The situation began when two Friendswood officers were on a traffic stop in the 3200 block of W. Bay Area Blvd at around 2:47 a.m. on March 6. The officer noticed that a white GMC Sierra pick up was driving erratically toward them.  As the vehicle passed, the officer noticed that the passenger side back rim was sparking.  One of the officers left the traffic stop and attempted to stop the erratic driver.  The officer initiated his overhead lights and siren; however, the vehicle did not stop.  Instead, the driver tried to evade police and appeared to be having difficulty controlling the vehicle. At one point during the pursuit, the driver narrowly missed striking the concrete barrier on top of the Clear Creek Bridge.  The driver then made an abrupt turn, causing the driver to lose control, hit a fire hydrant and landing in the front yard of a residence in the 100 block of Alderwood Street in League City. The 16-year old driver got out of the truck and started running.  An officer chased after him and he was caught at the intersection of Alderwood and Bay Area Blvd. The officers searched the boy’s pockets and found a wallet with a driver’s license that did not belong to him. A short time later, officers realized that the vehicle was stolen from a residence in the 6200 block of Brookdale and the wallet, along with other items, were stolen during vehicle burglaries in the same area.  The League City Police Department will be continuing the investigation into the stolen vehicle and motor vehicle burglaries in its jurisdiction. The 16-year old suspect was turned over to Harris County juvenile authorities and he will likely face additional charges in Galveston County.


Mar. 7 (4:07 p.m.) Officers were attempting to serve a “Directive to Apprehend,” the juvenile equivalent of an arrest warrant, for a 16-year old female in the 300 block of Dover Lane.  While officers were on scene, a vehicle pulled in the driveway.  An officer recognized one of the passenger’s as the juvenile he was seeking to apprehend. As the officer was speaking to the girl’s mother, the juvenile got out of the car and ran. Officers were able to catch the girl in the front yard.  The girl was charged with Evading Arrest or Detention and then transported to the Galveston County Juvenile Detention Center.




Mar. 5 (2:24 p.m.)  Eleazar Rodriguez-Alfaro, 28, of Pearland, was charged with Failure to Identify.  Alfaro was stopped in the 100 block of E. Parkwood Avenue for driving with an expired inspection sticker. Alfaro told the officer that he did not have a driver’s license or an identification card; however, he did have proof of insurance. Alfaro provided the officer with a fraudulent date of birth and has done this before with another law enforcement agency.  Alfaro was also issued a citation for Expired MVI and No Driver’s License.


Mar. 5 (11:45 p.m.) Anthony Ray Hall, 43, of Texas City, was charged with Driving While License Invalid and No Insurance. Hall was stopped for an equipment violation in the 300 block of W. Parkwood Avenue. In addition to having a suspended driver’s license, Hall also had outstanding traffic warrants in La Marque.


Mar. 9 (1:01 a.m.) Christopher Jon Cole, 17, of Friendswood, was charged with No Driver’s License and No Insurance.  Cole was stopped in the 600 block of Stoneledge Drive for driving with an expired registration sticker.


Mar. 10 (3:36 p.m.) Ambrocio Xiloj-Tzoc, 22, of Houston, was charged with No Driver’s License and No Insurance in the 4400 block of FM 528. Xiloj-Tzoc was stopped for several traffic law violations and then was unable to provide proof of insurance and did not have a driver’s license.




Did you know that college aged students are at the highest risk for being sexually assaulted?  With spring break upon us, here are some helpful safety tips whether you are headed to the beach or devoting your spring break to community service, it’s important to keep your safety in check.


  1. Trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe in any situation, go with your gut. If someone is pressuring you, it’s better to lie and make up a reason to leave than to stay and be uncomfortable, scared, or worse.
  2. Protect your location on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. Think twice before sharing every detail of your spring break through social networking. Despite security settings, posting information about your whereabouts or activities can still reveal details that are accessible to the public.
  3. Be a good friend and stick together. Arrive together, check in with one another throughout the night, and leave together.
  4. Don’t let your guard down. A spring break destination can create a false sense of security among vacationers. Don’t assume that fellow spring breakers will look out for your best interests; remember they are essentially strangers.
  5. Use your cell phone as a tool. If you find yourself in a an uncomfortable situation, shoot a quick text message for a “friend-assist.”  Make a back-up plan before you go out Justin case your phone dies.
  6. Drink responsibly and know your limits. Always watch your drink being prepared, and, when possibly, buy drinks in bottles. If you, or a friend, seem too intoxicated for the amount of alcohol consumed or you suspect that someone has been drugged, get to a hospital.