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Found Pet Report

For your convenience, The City of Friendswood has provided the following request form so you can submit reports of lost or found animals. We want to hear from you and make your interaction with the City as easy as possible. Just fill out the following form and click the Submit button. Your request will be sent directly to the Friendswood Animal Control. Please provide the following information so we can do everything possible to get these animals back to their owner.


Please use the file upload to attach a photograph of the found pet.     

File Upload:
Type of Pet : Dog Cat Other
If other :
Breed (if known) :
Sex : Male Female
Spayed / Neutered : Yes No
Declawed : Yes No
Pet's Name (if known) :
Coat (Check all that apply)
Short :
Medium :
Long :
Smooth :
Wire-Haired :
Curly :
Collar : Yes No
Type of collar : Nylon Leather Other
If Other :
Tags on collar : Yes No
If Yes (Check all that apply)
Rabies :
Nametag :
Microchipped : Yes No Unknown
If yes, microchip # :
Tattoo : Yes No
Approximate Weigh :
Size :
Age :
Markings, Scars, ETC :
Date found :
Time found :
Location found :
Contact Name :
Contact Address :
Contact Home Phone :
Contact Cell Phone :
Contact City/State/Zip :
Email Address :
May we release your contact information
to possible owners of this pet : Yes No