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Are the Leavesely Park Hangar and the Jones Hangar the same facility?

Yes, the Leavesly Park Jones Hangar is often referred to as the Jones Hangar, the Hangar, and other variations of the name. It is located at 901 Buckingham in the Regency Estates subdivision.

Is Frankie Carter Randolph Park a City of Friendswood property?

No, Frankie Carter Park is a Harris County Park. To make a reservation please call their reservations office at (713) 991-6881.

What indoor facilities can be rented?

The Leavesley Park Jones Hangar is the only indoor facility available for rent or public use. Visit the City Parks and Reservations page to find out more information about renting the Hangar.

Do I need a license to fish at the Centennial Park Pond?

No, a fishing license is not required to fish at the Centennial Park Pond. However, only fishing is allowed from the bank, nets are not permitted. It is not required to catch and release; all fish caught may be kept.

May I bring my dog to any City park?

Dogs are allowed at most City parks, with the exception of Renwick Park and the Sportspark. For those parks that do allow dogs, they must remain on a leash per City Ordinance. The City is working on adding a dog park in the near future. More information on that should be available soon.

What is the length of the track at Stevenson Park?

One full lap is just short of half a mile. There are markers along the trail to help you track your distance.

Can I bring a bounce house or other inflatable to the park?

Only those who rent the Gazebo or the Large Rotary Pavilion are allowed to bring inflatables to their rental. You must supply the Parks and Recreation Department with a copy of insurance from the company you are renting from with the City of Friendswood listed as additional insured.

Bounce houses and other inflatables must be unloaded from the parking lot. Driving into the park is strictly prohibited.

Inflatables are not allowed at the small rotary pavilion due to its proximity to the water from the splash pad and no direct access to the parking lot for unloading.

Event Questions

Non-City hosted events in Stevenson Park

*The following events are not hosted by the City of Friendswood but are typically held in Stevenson Park*

Farmer's Market - Benette Rowley: or visit their facebook page here.

Easter Egg Hunt - Lions Club & Lucy Woltz with the Friendswood Chamber of Commerce: 281.482.3329

Fig Fest - Friendswood Chamber of Commerce: or 281.482.3329

Art in the Park - Friendswood Fine Arts:

Purple Patriot Car Show -

Halloween in the Park - Friendswood Chamber of Commerce: or 281.482.3329

Christmas Parade - Friendswood Chamber of Commerce: or 281.482.3329

How do I volunteer for a City event or in the office?

To volunteer for any of the City's special events please fill out the “Volunteer Sign-Up” form and return to us by e-mail at or mail to:

Friendswood Parks and Recreation Dept.
910 S. Friendswood Dr.
Friendswood, TX 77546

The volunteer form can be found on the City's Special Events page under volunteering information.

Can I advertise on City website, bulletin boards, or reader boards?

All City property, bulletin boards, electronic reader boards, and website are used for City advertisements and events only. Personal or business advertising is prohibited.

Summer Camp

How do I register my child(ren) for the Friendswood Summer Day Camp?

You can register your child(ren) when you log in here.

Before the registration date, if you don't have one already, make sure to create an account since it takes 24 - 72 hours for a new account to be approved. All accounts will be approved pending residency verification.

Once an account has been created you can follow these instructions on registering.

More information can be found on our Summer Day Camp page here.

What documents are needed for my child(ren) to register for camp?

We require the following documents for each child, each year in order for their registration to be valid:

  • Current Year Registration Form
  • Birth Certificate
  • Picture
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Current Water Bill (it must be a water bill, electrical or other utility bills will not be accepted)

Documents can be uploaded to your account when you log in here in the "Document Upload" section under "My Account."

Do I need to have all of my documents uploaded before I can register my child(ren)?

No, the deadline for documents to be uploaded is typically about a month after the start of registration. While you can still register without your documents being uploaded, if all of the required documents are not uploaded by the deadline, you may be dropped from your registered sessions.

2016 Camp Registration Dates:

Friendswood Residents: April 11 at 10:00am

Non-Residents: May 10 at 10:00am

2016 Document Upload Deadline: May 13 at 5:00pm.


Do I still need to fill out a registration form if I registered online?

Yes, camp staff does not have access to the computer system so they rely on these forms in case of emergency. The form stays with the camp at all times and is taken on every field trip.

Camp Registration Form 2016 (Fillable with Adobe Acrobat. Save to computer and upload file to account.)

Camp Registration Form 2016 (Printable if the above does not work. Scan in and upload to account or bring into office)


What is the Community Services Department?

The Community Services Department officially changed it's name in 2015 to the Parks and Recreation Department. While they are working to update everything many items still contain the Community Services title.

Can I advertise on City website, bulletin boards, or reader boards?

All City property, bulletin boards, electronic reader boards, and website are used for City advertisements and events only. Personal or business advertising is prohibited.

How can I verify that I am a Friendswood resident?

Friendswood residents are considered anyone whose water bill is paid to the City of Friendswood. There are homes whose mailing address is listed as Friendswood, such as Heritage Park, but their water bill and property taxes are paid to the Harris County Municipal Utility District (MUD) and are considered non-residents.

*Verification must be with a water bill, electricity or other utility bills will not suffice.