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City Services and Rates


  Welcome to the Utility Billing Department for the City of Friendswood. The utility services provided by the City are Water, Sewer and Refuse (Garbage). Services can be established in one of three ways. To establish utility service please read the following:


(Please note that if you are moving into Heritage Park, the City of Friendswood does not provide utility service for your area. You may call Si Environmental for water service at 832-490-1600 and Waste Management for garbage at 713-686-6666)

The City of Friendswood requires an Application for Utility Service and a deposit. (To have your deposit waived, we require a two year “payment history” or “Letter of Credit” from your current water utility provider, which shows no more than two late payments. Apartment complex water payments do not apply.) Letter of credit must be submitted within 5 business days of service initiation to have the deposit refunded.

Both the application and deposit must be in our office at least one business day before services are initiated or transferred.

Applications are also available in our office located at 910 S Friendswood Dr Friendswood, TX 77546.

As payment for your deposit, we accept cash, check, money order, Cashier’s check, MasterCard or Visa. Checks are made payable to City of Friendswood.

To pay over the phone for your deposit, you can fax us your application along with a copy of your Driver’s License to 281-482-6491.Once we receive both the application and DL, we will call you (please provide us with a good telephone number) and accept either MasterCard or Visa over the phone. **

You may also mail us your application and deposit to P O Box 1286 Friendswood, TX 77549. Please be sure to include a copy of your Driver’s License. **


** NOTE: A copy of your Driver’s License is required to prevent any delays in service.

To download an Application for Utility Service, please click here to visit our Utility Billing page.  Scroll down to our downloadable forms.


Click here to view a map of Regular, Recycling, Heavy and Green trash pickup days

Rates and other additional information are as follow:

City Services and Rates


Single family residential & Commercial (inside City limits):

(Monthly Usage)

(Monthly Rate)
0 to 3,000 gallons $15.50 minimum
Above 3,000 gallons $2.90 per thousand

Trailers, apartments, condominiums, multi-family (inside City limits):

(Monthly Usage)
(Monthly Rate)
0 to 3,000 gallons $10.00 minimum
Above 3,000 gallons $2.90 per thousand

Water meters are read every other month. Your bi-monthly bill is based on actual consumption as registered by the meter. First and last bills will be prorated.

Outside corporate city limit = 1.5 times inside city rate.

Sewer:(As of 9/12/2011)

Single family residential (inside City limits):

(Monthly Usage)            

(Monthly Rate)
0 to 3,000 gallons $15.00 minimum
3,001-18,000 gallons $2.90 for each additional 1,000
gallons based on 70% of water consumption

Sewer charges are capped at an additional15,000 gallons per month above the minimum usage of 3,000 per month.

Commercial (inside City limits):

(Monthly Usage)             (Monthly Rate)
0 to 3,000 gallons $15.00 minimum
Over 3,000 gallons $2.90 for each additional 1,000
gallons based on 70% of water consumption

Trailers, apartments, condominiums, multi-family (inside City limits):

(Monthly Usage)
(Monthly Rate)
Minimum charge per unit $9.50 for first 3,000 gallons
Over 3,000 gallons $2.90 for each additional 1,000 gallons
per unit based on 70% of water consumption

Outside corporate city limit = 1.5 times inside city rate.

Sprinkler Meter:

(Lawn and landscape sprinkler systems, where waterpassing through meter is used for no other purpose)

(Monthly Usage) (Monthly Rate)
0 to 3,000 gallons $7.75 minimum
Above 3,000 gallons $2.90 per 1,000 gallons

Outside corporate city limit = 1.5 times inside city rate.

Garbage and Recycling:


Click here to view a map of Regular, Recycling, Heavy and Green pickup days

$14.97 monthly plus 7.75% sales tax. 
Residents receive curbside garbage pickup two days each week, recycling pickup and green waste pickup one day each week.



The City of Friendswood contracts Progressive to collect household garbage, recycling and green waste recycling. They also collect “heavy items” once a week, which is described below.


Collection hours are from the hours of 7:00AM to 6:00PM. To ensure your garbage, recyclables and/or green waste are picked up; it must be curbside by 7:00AM.


Holidays: Progressive observes New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. If your collection day lands on one of these days, then garbage pick up will resume on your next regularly scheduled garbage day; there are no “make up” days.


Any holiday Eves (Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve) garbage collection resumes as normal with a possibility of early dismissal after all routes are completed.


The Progressive facility is located at 827 W Hwy 6 in Alvin (77511). Hours of operation at the facility is Monday – Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM, closed on Saturday, Sundays and holidays.


Collection items include but are not limited to the following:



Click here to view a map of Regular, Recycling, Heavy and Green pickup days

HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE: The City of Friendswood or Progressive do not provide garbage cans or garbage bags to store your garbage; you must provide your own. You may use either bags or cans provided that, what is put out for collection, does not weigh over 50 lbs.

Progressive does not use trucks with lifters, so garbage is physically handled by real people; therefore it is important to maintain the weight per bag or can to a limit of 50 lbs. or less. Garbage container size must be 32 gallons or less.

Old paint will be picked-up only if it has been treated with paint hardener. 


Some things to consider:

If you use cans to store your bags of garbage, and to prevent damage done to the cans, remove bags from cans on trash day and set bags out curbside for pick up.

Weather can also play a role on garbage day. If it is very windy out, recycle bins, trash cans and trash can lids can blow around.

There are multiple trucks that collect different items. One truck for household garbage, one truck for recycling and another truck for green waste collection. Progressive makes every effort possible to make each truck identifiable by either placing a recycle symbol on a truck for recycle pick up or having the driver and helpers wear bright green shirts for the green waste pick up.


RECYCLED ITEMS: Recycled items eligible for collection are: newspapers, magazines, broken down cardboard, cereal boxes, glass bottles and jars; clear plastic milk, juice, water, and soda water bottles; aluminum beverage cans and steel cans. It is very important that all materials are rinsed and reasonable cleaned. Plastic neck rings on bottles do not need to be removed.

Plastic grocery bags will not be accepted for recycling. It is recommended that the bags be returned to the store for recycling.

One bin per household may be provided by Progressive and the City of Friendswood. Recycle bins are property of Progressive and not that of the resident. If you have a recycle bin and you move, the recycle bin must stay with the house.


If you have more to recycle than what the bin holds, you may place the extra material in a clear plastic bag and place it either on top of or next to your recycle bin. You also have the option to purchase your own recycle container, however, it must be indicated on the bin, that it is recycling to ensure it gets recycled (and not collected by the household garbage truck).

Contact the Utility Billing Office at 281-996-3232 to obtain a 96 gallon recycling cart at an additional cost of $1 per month.


GREEN WASTE RECYCLING: COLLECTED ON YOUR FIRST GARBAGE DAY. Green waste recycling consists of “yard trimmings” which are grass, leaves, tree trimmings, branches and plant debris.


Just place grass, leaves, flowers, stalks, stems and trimmings in a translucent or clear bag. Branches, large stalks, and/or large stems must be cut, tied and bundled for collection. Length should be 5’ or shorter, material should be tied together with twine (not with any sort of metallic or plastic material) and each bundle should not exceed 50 lbs.


Landscape timbers can be collected if they are cut down to less than 5’, tied and bundled together with twine and must not be treated wood.


Tree removal: If you hire a company to remove a tree, it is their responsibility to take all the debris with them. Progressive will not collect any logs or tree trunks for green waste pick up. Also, if a tree is removed by the homeowner, material must be set out by the curb as indicated above. Tree logs and trunks will not be collected by Progressive; however, Progressive provides collection for logs and trunks for a charge. For a quote you can contact Progressive directly at 281-331-0810.


“HEAVY PICK UP” AKA HEAVY TRASH: COLLECTED ON YOUR FIRST GARBAGE DAY. Heavier/larger items are collected once a week. These items consist of appliances, furniture, mattresses, water heaters (with water removed), computers, televisions within reasonable size but not projection televisions, standard fiberglass tubs-but needs to be cut in half and not galvanized.

Other acceptable items with special conditions:

Carpet- can be picked up for collection provided that there is not a lot and that the carpet is cut down to 5’ or less, rolled up and not weigh more than 50 lbs. If the carpet is wet, it must be dried before setting out for collection.


Swing sets- are also collected. Metal and wooden sets should be pulled apart and cut down to 5’ or less. A total of 300 lbs or less can be collected.


Refrigerators and freezers- are collected for heavy garbage. The appliance must be “tagged” which indicates that the Freon has been safely removed. To have your appliance tagged you may contact a licensed technician, from an appliance company, and have themremove the Freon (charges may apply). Once the Freon is removed, the technician should put a sticker on the appliance. Then you can set the appliance out on your first garbage day of the week.


Wood fencing- typically is not collected for garbage collection. If you have a few pickets that are not treated (chemically) and are less than 5’ long, then you may bundle the pickets together with twine and set it out with your green waste debris for collection.


Doors- can be collected if the door is cut in half.



·Hazardous material- which consists of gas, oil, liquid paint, paint thinner or any other type of chemical.


·Fencing material

·Railroad ties

·Dirt or soil

·Cast iron

·Construction material- boards, 2x4s, sheetrock, paneling, windows, cabinets, etc.

·Projection televisions

Natural disasters and other acts of God that may occur may require the City of Friendswood to work with other entities in cleaning Friendswood up. In the event that this type of situation occurs there may be special exceptions take place to clean up our city. This means that during these events there may be a delay in pick up, recycle and/or green waste may be collected on different days, certain items that usually are not collected may be collected, or fallen trees/branches may not need to be compliant. This may be acceptable only during these circumstances.

News releases will be generated with this information during these events to keep you updated on garbage pick up.


Click here to view a map of Regular, Recycling, Heavy and Green pickup days

For more information on services provided by Progressive, please click on the following link:

Service Fees:

Late Payment Penalty

Accounts will be billed with payment due within 20 days from the billing date. A 10% administrative fee will be added to the account balance if payment is not received by the due date. Termination notices will be generated and mailed the day following the due date. The notice will alert the customer that the account is subject to disconnection if payment, including the administrative fee, is not received within 10 days of the late penalty date.

Disconnection and Reconnection of Service 

A fee of $50.00 will be charged when service disconnection is required to collect payment for services previously rendered. If payment is made after the meter technicians have begun the disconnection process, the water will not be disconnected; but, the fee will be charged.

Unauthorized Connection

Connections that are not authorized or performed by city personnel will result in a $100.00 tampering fee plus the additional costs for consumption and damages resulting from the tampering.

Returned Check

A fee of $35.00 will be charged for all returned checks.