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Sidewalk and Street Maintenance

Sidewalk Maintenance:
Streets and Drainage is responsible for the maintenance and repair of sidewalks and ADA ramps within the street right of ways.   A priority system has been established based on citizen request and annual inspections of streets which are identified and prioritized for repair or replacement.   Small repairs identified are made by our City crews.   The remaining priority list is awarded to a contractor for repairs.  The contractor's work is inspected upon completion to ensure  quality.

Street Maintenance:
All concrete and asphalt streets, as well as bridges located within City limits  are maintained by the  Streets/Drainage section, with the exception of  FM Highways
All FM highways are maintained by the  Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).   Through annual inspections and citizen requests, concrete and asphalt failures are identified and prioritized for repair or replacement.  Small repairs are scheduled and repaired by City crews.  Larger priority failures are listed and an annual contract is awarded for the repair of these streets. Upon completion of the contractor's work an inspection is made to ensure quality.