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NFL Punt, Pass, & Kick

2016 NFL Punt, Pass & Kick

Young football fans will have the opportunity to exhibit their football skills each September at Centennial Park. Participants will compete for distance / accuracy in punting, passing and kicking. Ribbons will be given to the top three finalists in each age group and certificates will be handed out to every participant. Winners in each category will advance to the Gulf Coast Sectional Competition. Come out early and practice! Plus free t-shirts will be given out to the first 25 contestants. Hope to see you there!!!

Date:            September 29, 2016
Time:            5:00PM - 8:00PM
Location:     Centennial Park, 2200 S. Friendswood Dr. (at Football Field in back of park)
Ages:            6 - 15 years of age (6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15)
Cost:             No Charge! 

Registration will take place at Centennial Park on the day of the event. Copy of Birth Certificate or religious document (baptismal record) will be required for proof of age and eligibility.  Please call 281-996-3220 for additional information.  Participants will not be permitted to wear cleats. 

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Competition Rules         




 2015 Results

Girls                      Place               Name                          Total Score*                                   

Age 8/9                          First                        Sydney Knape                      28.4


Age 10/11                     First                        Aaliyah Barnett                    84.1


        Age 12/13                     First                        Alexis Knape                        46.8


Age 14/15                     First                        Amelia Hammerle                210.5


Boys                      Place               Name                          Total Score*

Age 6/7                          First                        Kellen Davidson                    92

                                       Second                   Trent Doherty                       52.2


Age 8/9                          First                        Marcus Cantu                       129.7

                                       Second                   Jason Harkins                       100

                                       Third                      Kai Hilliard                            97.7


Age 10/11                     First                        Micah Barnett                        189.8

                                      Second                   Luke Knape                           185.8

                                      Third                      Ryan Moore                          132.4


Age 12/13                     First                        Tatum Black                           212.1

                                      Second                   Adam Atwell                         184

                                      Third                      Ian Svarplaitis                       171.11


Age 14/15                     First                        Joey Tomko                           254.8

                                        Second                   Garrett Massey                     226.9

                                        Third                      Russell Hilton                       208.1


*Cumulative total of one punt, one pass and one kick (rounded to the nearest foot).