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Planning and Zoning Commission



The Planning and Zoning Commission shall submit recommendations to the City Council, after holding public hearings, on any change or amendment to any of the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance or the Zoning Districts Map; any request for a specific use permit or planned unit development; any change or amendment to the subdivision ordinance. In public meetings, the Commission also reviews and approves commercial site plans, preliminary and final plats, and subdivision developments. The Commission may be required to meet outside scheduled meetings with the City Council, consultants, and developers on extensive community projects. This commission also acts in the capacity of the Capital Improvements Advisory Committee created by Section 395.058 of the Texas Local Government Code. In this capacity, the commission serves in advisory roll to


1.     Advise and assist the City Council in adopting land-use assumptions;

2.     Review the capital improvements plan and file written comments;

3.     Monitor and evaluate implementation of the capital improvements plan;


and in other advisory areas pertaining to the capital improvements plan and impact fees.

of Office  

3 Years
Overlapping Terms


Regular Meetings

1st and 3rd Thursdays
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location Friendswood City Hall
910 S. Friendswood Drive

Staff Support

Director of Community Development
City Planner

Development Coordinator

Names Terms of Office
Tony Annan 07/15-07/19
Craig Lovell 07/14-07/19
Bart Beale 03/17-07/19
Brett Banfield 04/17-07/17
Richard Borghese 08/14-07/17
Rhonda Neel 07/15-07/18
Richard Sasson 07/16-07/18
Council Liaisons
  Steve Rockey