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The information below applies to regular permitted work and inspections.  Harvey flood repair inspection information is here.

The inspection of the improvements is the last step of the development process. It is in this stage where the built out process is reviewed to ensure it meets the specifications of the previously approved plans submitted to obtain the required building permits. Inspections are performed based upon the details of the construction requirements contained within the approved plans. If the building complies, this process leads to a certificate of occupancy.

Inspections include structural, concrete, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire, building, health, landscape, drainage, engineering and any special inspections needed to address unusual hazards. A listing of required inspections is available when permits are issued for a project.

Inspections will be performed based upon the approved construction drawings and code requirements. Some inspections are a prerequisite to others, so it is the responsibility of the owner or general contractor to ensure the proper sequence of inspections.

Inspections may be scheduled by calling 281-996-3201 before 5 p.m. the day prior to the desired inspection date. Please note that there will be no same day inspections without prior approval from the Building Official.

The Building Inspection Section is the approval authority for all building plans and inspections; however, appeals may be heard before the Construction Board of Adjustment.


The Building Inspection Staff review every permit application for completeness and compliance with the standards listed above. This process normally takes an average of 10 working days but can vary based upon the type of permit, quality of information submitted and the workload of the division.



 Permit Technician

 Rebecca Hogue   (281) 996-3201

 Permit Technician

 Kristina Cuellar

 (281) 996-3207


 Kandelle Wells

 (281) 996-3202


 Mark Vail

 (281) 996-3289

 Deputy Building Official

 Tom Ferguson

 (281) 996-3204

 Building Official

 Brian Rouane

 (281) 996-3285

 Storm Water Coordinator / Signage

 Cathy Gray

 (281) 996-3205

 Code Enforcement Officer

 Alex Mendoza

 (281) 996-3236

 Development Coordinator

 Becky Summers  (281) 996-3290

 GIS Coordinator

 Maggie McClelland  (281) 996-3255

 Deputy Director of CDD/Planner

 Aubrey Harbin  (281) 996-3280

 Fax Machine


 (281) 996-3260