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Friendswood Government

The City of Friendswood is a Home Rule City, as allowed under the statutes of the State of Texas. Home Rule allows the city to govern itself, conduct business, and adopt ordinances of any nature as long as the action does not violate a state or federal law. As a home rule city, Friendswood adopted a Charter in 1971. This Charter serves as the foundation for the way Friendswood's government operates. It serves as the "constitution" for our city, just as we have one for our state and federal governments. The Charter sets the number of elected officials at seven, their terms of office at three year terms, and sets term limits at four terms. The Mayor is the head of the elected body, and serves as the Chair of the City Council, as well as appoints committees and represents the city at official functions. The Charter establishes the type of government we have - the Council/Manager form of government. The Charter provides that Friendswood will have a City Manager, and he/she will be responsible to and directed by the City Council. The City Manager is responsible for the day to day administration of the city. His/her other duties are outlined further in this web site.