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General Information

City Hall is located at 910 S. Friendswood Dr, 77546. The mayor and six council members are elected from the City at large to serve three year terms. A charter amendment was approved May 4, 1992, to extend terms from two to three years to be phased in over a three year period beginning in 1993. A four term limitation was also approved in 2007.

The Mayor and Council members are volunteers who serve without compensation. The City Council is the principal legislative body of theCity. The Council establishes programs, policies and priorities for safe, efficient and equitable operation of the City. The Council appoints a City Manager by majority vote who is responsible to the Council for the administration of all affairs of the City including the appointment and removal of department directors and employees, supervision and control of all City departments, and preparation of the annual budget.

The Mayor presides at meetings of the City Council. The Mayor and City Councilmembers may be contacted at City Hall by calling 281-996-3270 or you may contact by e-mail at