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Friendswood Downtown Economic Development Corporation



To support and enhance the welfare and prosperity of the citizens of the City and of this State by promotion of economic development and growth by encouraging the development of new business enterprises and the retention or expansion of existing business enterprises. To serve this purpose, the Corporation shall have the authority and power of a Type B corporation to undertake projects as described in Subchapter C of Chapter 501 of the Local Government Code and Chapter 505 of the Local Government Code, including undertaking projects as authorized by law, including but not limited to projects to promote new or expanded business enterprises in the downtown area as defined by the City of Friendswood Downtown District Map, including but not limited to streets, targeted infrastructure, paved sidewalks, pedestrian amenities including lighting, benches, signage, and other related public improvements, and the maintenance and operations expenses for any of the above-described projects. 

of Office

2 Years

Regular Meetings

Second Tuesday of the month at 4:00 p.m.
Location City Hall
910 S. Friendswood Dr

Staff Support

Economic Development Coordinator



Names Terms of Office
Patrick McGinnis - Secretary/Treasurer 7/16 - 7/18
Rebecca Hillenburg 7/16 - 7/18
Paul Marx 7/16 - 7/18
Elmer Johnson, Jr.  7/16 - 7/18
Ron Cox - President 7/16 - 7/18
Arden Hill 7/16 - 7/18
Alton Todd - Vice President 7/16 - 7/18