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Engineering staff oversees the review of the drainage and underground utility plans submitted to the City for construction. They work with various engineering firms to ensure that plans comply with the City’s minimum standards as specified in the Design Criteria Manual.


The Engineering staff also works closely with the Galveston County Consolidated Drainage District to assist in maintaining and improving storm water drainage throughout the City. Part of the duty is to establish compliance with the Flood Plain Ordinance and verify property locations for flood zone determinations.

                                                                           ENGINEERING DIVISION

 City Engineer

 Patrick G. Donart, P.E., CFM

(281) 996-3312

 Projects Coordinator

 George Cherepes, CFM

(281) 996-3293



The City currently has six Certified Flood Plain Managers on staff:

                                                                             CERTIFIED FLOOD PLAIN MANAGERS


 Jameson Appel, CFM

 (281) 996-3208

 Bob Bratz, CFM

 (281) 996-3202

 George Cherepes, CFM

 (281) 996-3293

 Patrick G. Donart, PE, CFM

 (281) 996-3312

 René Ibarra, CFM

 (281) 996-3383

 Brian Rouane, CFM

 (281) 996-3285